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How to Leverage Online Influencers with Marketing Automation

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Influencer marketing has taken a rage in the world of advertisement and marketing while constantly adding new dimensions. It is a simple yet effective practice of reaching out to a wide audience base through various social media platforms or channels with a view to promoting a brand or business. However, it is of utmost importance that the influencer should be rightly sourced and approached to get the most rewarding outcomes. 

Going higher and higher on the growth bar, this innovative and effective form of marketing is taking a new shape every day. The recent in the trend introduces the concept of marketing automation.  So, what is marketing automation? Is it a marketing process? Is it a channel for advertisement?

Is it a combination of marketing and advertisement platforms? The process goes beyond all these with its core definition of being a revolutionary technology that automatically manages all the marketing campaigns and processes across various channels with a view to increase revenue and effectively improve efficiency. Through this technology, brands and businesses are able to streamline, automate, and analyze all marketing measures, tasks, processes, and workflows. 

Leveraging the Power of Influencer Marketing

Furthermore, here are 3 key principles that are working as the essentials of leveraging the power of influencer marketing:

  • Quality Product: Of course, a quality product is all that everyone looks and if you are assured that you have a product that can generate interest and results, networking through influencer marketing can certainly make a difference.
  • Highly Engaged Audience: Be it any form of marketing, highly captivating and engaged audience is the need of the hour. For a good quality product, you need to raise the bar of your audience base and then pay appropriate incentives to earn a big ROI (Return on Investment).
  • Automatic Analysis of Campaigns: Influencer marketing can prove to be most rewarding only when you plan to automate your process of tracking, managing, and rewarding your influencers. This, in turn, will help you create a scalable source of reputation, awareness, credibility, and of course revenue.
  • Strategic Partner: You should always keep in mind to find and approach the right partner to customize all your processes and ensure a high-end security measure while you place your trust in the sourced influencer. 
  • Make Your Campaign Influencer-Centric: Do share all the essential influencer tracking tools, coupon codes, and unique share URLs with your influencer so that he or she can customize the marketing campaign in a more progressive manner. 
  • Define Your Payment Model: Do have a thoughtful payment model based on various criteria like number of sales, specific purchases, revenue thresholds, number of likes, number of shares, and other similar essentials that run the success of an influencer marketing campaign. You can even use technologies and tools defined for the same.
  • Stay Alert and Attuned: When you run the campaign, make sure that you stay alert and attuned to the changing trends in marketing so that you in collaboration with your influencer can run and optimize your program in real-time. 

How to Create a Win-Win Influencer Marketing Campaign

When it comes to influencer marketing, the competition is high and the process is automated and very thoughtful of course. To ensure that you create a win-win campaign, you need to consider the following three stages of driving brand awareness and promotion:

  • Influencer Search: The first stage is the influencer search.  In this stage, you have to figure out the influencers whom the audience of your own demographics are watching and following on a regular basis. This you can simply do by conducting a survey to know the browsing and social habits of all the audiences based in your demographics. This will help you have comprehensive knowledge about social media and your target audience. Through this study, you can further step ahead to get to understand what kind of influencer you will need and who can prove to be most rewarding. 
  • Vetting Influencers: The second stage is reaching out to various influencers and vetting them based on the survey you conducted. From the shortlisted influencers, you can get to browse the one who can align the best with your brand. However, the risk is always there but that’s with every aspect of doing business. Through constant communication and verifying their social profiles, you will have a better idea about the worth of the shortlisted influencers. From there then you end the influencer search and choose one that you feel is most qualified and rewarding for your brand. 
  • Developing a Strategy: The third stage is creating a thoughtful strategy to collaborate with your chosen influencer and then making him or she understand deeply about your brand. At this stage, you are free to apply all the marketing automation technologies and techniques but not to post your content rather track and analyze the work done by your influencer. The posts and content that you share through the influencer marketing campaign should appear natural to deliver organic results. 

Whether you talk about core principles or you speak about the stages of driving the best outcomes from influencer marketing strategy, every day the scenario is changing. However, what stays constant and eternal are smart moves, thoughtful strategies, and considerate planning. These become the keys to leverage online influencers with marketing automation. An automatic process will help you streamline the campaign and proactively provide true insights while optimizing engagement and promotion. 

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