How I Passed The Exam AZ-104: Microsoft Azure Administrator

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Cloud computing has been one of the most talked-about technologies these days. But that’s not the case only. It is not only the most talked-about but also among the fastest-growing computing technologies these days. The last decade has seen enormous growth in this sector and the trend continues in this decade as well.

Last month I passed a Microsoft Azure certification exam AZ-104 : Microsoft Azure Administrator. With this exam, I earned Microsoft Certified: Azure Administrator Associate which is an entry-level certification in the Microsoft Azure platform. The certification was part of the requirement at my workplace. Let me share my experience regarding the certification and the exam. 


I am an IT professional, working in a manufacturing concern. I am working in the role of Network Administrator. I have done graduation in information technology. Besides that, I have done CCNA and Microsoft Azure Fundamentals certifications. I’m working in my present position for the last three years. Before that, I was working as an Assistant Network Administrator in the same company. I have done both of my certifications while being on job. I got promoted to my present position after getting CCNA certification. By the end of last year, our organization decided to move the organizational IT infrastructure from on-premises to the cloud platform.

This was great news for me as I was having the opportunity to learn new skills. This was also relieving for me in the sense that being Network Administrator I was supposed to keep all the on-premise infrastructure up and running which was a tedious job every once in a while. On the other hand, it was challenging too as I have to get myself equipped with the latest skills to keep myself relevant with the position.

As we were migrating to the Microsoft Azure platform, so I started learning about that. Then I passed the Microsoft AZ-900 exam to earn Microsoft Azure Fundamentals credential. It gave me the necessary knowledge to get myself acquainted with the Azure platform. The process of migration went well as we were having assistance from the vendor who provided us the solution. After working on the platform for some time, I realized that fundamentals are good for concept building but are insufficient for working as an administrator in an organizational network. So, I decided to take Microsoft Azure Administrator credentials to upgrade my knowledge according to my job role. 

Preparing For The Exam

All certification exams are not the same but it’s also true that all certification exams are a bit different from regular academic exams. Most of the certification exams require hands-on experience with the platform. As I was already working in the Azure environment so it was not a problem for me as I was having the chance to earn hands-on experience. In addition to that, it was my third certification exam so I was not having any fear or phobia of the exam with me. Preparing for a certification exam also requires some special method which is a little different from the academic exams. The best strategy for a certification exam is to draw a practical plan. While opting for a certification exam, you are always supposed to get the latest exam outline and objectives from the exam vendor’s site.

As the exam contents tend to update/change/revised according to the change in corresponding technologies. So it is always good to have an updated outline for better preparation planning. You also need to define a timeframe that you require to prepare before going for the exam. With a definite time frame, it becomes easier to define your daily time allocation. You also need to set daily, weekly and monthly goals to access your progress. This will make your journey very easy without getting yourself overburden at any particular point in time.

The next most important thing is selecting the training. You can have instructor-led training but for that, you need to spare time for classes regularly which is sometimes very difficult for the one who is already doing a full-time job. That is why most on-job professionals opt for self-paced study. It is flexible according to your job schedule. Another factor for considering a self-paced study model is the cost. instructor-led training is usually expensive. The next thing you need is the course material. For that I chose Exact2Pass. The study material for Exam: AZ-104 Exact2Pass included PDF dumps and Testing Engine with well-researched Practice Questions And Answers. That’s how I prepared for the exam in 4 weeks. With one week of revision, I was able to pass the AZ-104 exam in 5 weeks. 


The certification gave me a lot in terms of knowledge, skills, and accreditation. I have learned a lot of new skills that are proving to be very helpful for me in my day-to-day tasks at my workplace. I can handle the challenges and difficult tasks easily with the skills I learned with this certification. 


If you look at the field of IT, you will find cloud computing dominating it in the last few years. More and more businesses are adopting or are migrating their IT infrastructure to the cloud platform. This growing trend has created a lot of room for professionals with relevant skills. Cloud platform-related jobs are among the most sought specializations in the job marketplace. Microsoft Azure is the 2nd largest cloud computing platform in the industry. Besides that Microsoft is the most favorite cloud platform in the enterprise segment of the market. Microsoft Azure certifications are considered to be one of the most solid credentials in the cloud industry.  The administrator is one of the most pivotal roles in any of cloud deployment. The Exam AZ-104: Microsoft Azure Administrator is a new track to earn Microsoft Azure Certifications-Azure Administrator Associate. With an updated course covering the newer technologies, it adds more value to an already reputable certification. With the right selection of training material and dedication, one can pave way for a rewarding career. 

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