What to Consider When Moving Your Business to Another Office

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If your company plans to move its operations to another office, how should you go about it? 

Some companies saw their offices remain relatively dormant for much of the last couple of years due to work-from-home mandates stemming from COVID-19. But as these restrictions have lifted, some businesses and employees have determined they aren’t ready to give up working from home. This might mean scaling back and looking for smaller spaces to rent.

Whether your company will stick with flexible working options and needs to downsize or your business simply requires a new office for some other reason, doing things correctly matters. You can avoid needless disruption, or at least minimize disruption, by doing this strategically.

Here are some tips that’ll help you move your business to another office the right way.

Find the Right Moving Company

The first thing you’ll want to do is book your move with a reputable commercial moving company. Some service providers have experience with residential moving but a commercial move requires a different skillset. So, don’t assume that a company that focuses on the residential market can just as easily handle your company’s needs. When you research moving companies, focus on service providers that help businesses to relocate.

Your company will also need to develop a realistic moving budget, get quotes, and choose the estimate that is most in line with the services needed.

Keep Employees in the Loop

It’s also important that you keep your staff in the loop. An office move will be disruptive on some level. Sure, hiring the right moving company will make things easier. But your workers will still have to pack up their stuff, get used to traveling to a new office somewhere else, get accustomed to working in their new workspaces, and figure out where to find what they want. 

You can help them adjust by sharing relevant information. It’ll also be easier for your workers to get used to the new office if it’s easily accessible, has plenty of parking, and has some extras perks like a spacious cafeteria or recreation room.

Move Technical Equipment

How will you get your computer workstations, servers, printers, and other technical equipment to your new office? If you choose the right commercial mover, you won’t have anything to worry about. The moving company will have staff trained in moving technical equipment carefully and efficiently.

Consider Storage Options

Most businesses will find it convenient to rent storage units ahead of moving day. It offers a place to store things you may not want to set up right away. It can be a hassle if you have to bring everything from your old office without knowing exactly where to put them in your new space. Getting a rental unit will give you some alternatives. You’ll make things easier by finding a moving company that offers storage solutions. This will provide you with a convenient place to store your office supplies, furniture, or excess equipment.

Let Customers and Suppliers Know

You’ll also want to ensure that your customers and suppliers know when you’re moving so that they’re not caught off guard. Give them plenty of notice. Don’t forget to update your signage, stationery, website address information, and anything else that will need to be changed after you move to a new office. 

These are some of the things that you’ll want to keep in mind after deciding to move to another office. Whatever your particular reasons for wanting to relocate, you’ll make it easier on yourself, employees, customers, and suppliers if you have the right game plan in place.

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