How Netflix is utilizing AI for customized recommendations

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Netflix is well-known around the world for its services, and the key lies in technology such as artificial intelligence (AI) and machine learning, which provide audiences with more accurate and intuitive recommendations. Netflix and artificial intelligence (AI) work together to enable consumer choices and deliver personalised recommendations for its users. For instance, you can often find new TV shows and trending action movies on Netflix being recommended to you. AI plays a significant role in this. In this article, we’ll look at how Netflix uses artificial intelligence to improve the user experience.

However, let’s have a look at the following technologies first.

Artificial Intelligence (AI) and Machine Learning

Over the last few decades, the world has witnessed revolutionary technological advancements. Artificial Intelligence and machine learning have paved their way even into the most distant regions of the earth, thanks to the increasing availability of smartphones around the world. While some fear that AI and machine learning have the potential to ruin society, others trust in its limitless benefits.

  1. Artificial Intelligence

Artificial intelligence is a sort of intellect that simulates human behaviour, as its name suggests. The data and expert input to AI technology aid it in becoming more human-like and making more intuitive decisions. Artificial intelligence’s ability to make rational decisions to attain specific goals is one of its primary properties.

  1. Machine Learning

A subtype of AI technology is machine learning. It’s a technique for analysing statistical data and completing tasks based on past knowledge and information. Machine learning-enabled computer applications can automatically adapt new data without the need for human intervention. Machine learning, in other words, can function without explicit programming instructions or specifications. It automates its processes and decision-making using existing data and algorithms.

Big data system

Every month, millions of people use Netflix around the world. It has 74 million subscribers in the United States and Canada alone. Without a good system, determining each user’s content preferences is impossible. Here comes the big data analysis in work.

It’s a business intelligence solution that lets firms analyse large amounts of data and understands user behaviour patterns, allowing them to make more informed decisions. Netflix uses big data analyses in addition to AI to personalise playlists and suggestions for each of its users.

How Netflix customises individual playlists

If a user likes a Marvel film, they are likely to enjoy other Marvel films. Based on your search and watch list, Netflix utilises data analytics to suggest similar trending superhero movies and TV shows. Netflix keeps its users engaged with the help of data science and algorithms. It also notifies the user when a new episode or movie is available. The goal is to deliver an excellent user experience.

Netflix keeps track of when and where a movie was viewed. It can also see who has paused their viewing and whether they have resumed it. Netflix develops a detailed profile of each of its subscribers based on these results. Netflix’s recommendation system is widely used in machine techniques.

Netflix Recommendation Engine (NRE)

Netflix’s successful algorithm, the Netflix Recommendation Engine (NRE), aids in the creation of each user’s profile suggestion list. When a user searches for a movie or TV show, NRE sorts through the tremendous volume of content to deliver the most relevant and accurate results. Netflix isn’t the only one that uses this recommendation system. Other firms, such as Amazon, LinkedIn, YouTube, Instagram, and Spotify, gain from it as well. Recommendation engines have aided the growth of several businesses.

Teasers and short clips

Netflix certainly knows how to implement Artificial Intelligence to its full potential for attracting consumer attention. When Netflix makes a recommendation, the AI behind it selects a bite-size video or a short clip from the show or movie to increase engagement and convince the viewer to watch it. Netflix creates trailers, highlights, recaps, and promos for shows using artificial intelligence, which can improve viewing by eliminating the need for users to swipe through hours of content to discover what they want to watch.

Thumbnail Image customization

Thumbnail pictures are another way Netflix uses artificial intelligence and machine learning. Netflix uses AI to personalise many thumbnail images for a show. While scrolling through a variety of content, it draws and engages users. 


Netflix collects a variety of other data from its users. It includes the time and date of a title’s viewing or search. Some users’ profile information, such as age, location, and gender, the user’s favourite content list, whether a TV show/movie was completed or abandoned in the middle, is also tracked. All of this data is gathered to assess user preferences and likes. It helps to create virtually accurate recommendations for them and to assist them in having a positive user experience.

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