3 Strong Reasons to Monitor the Online Activities of Your Employees

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Are you running a business and want to excel in every aspect? Well, business is not the game of one person; you cannot run it alone. You might have organized a team of employees to run your business. But if you’re currently reading this post, you might be wondering if you should keep a check on your employees or not. Right? If yes, you should not hesitate to say it! Because you’re the owner of that company, you’re the boss, and you’re paying them off. It’s your right to keep a check on the companies’ employees and it’s devices.

In this digital era, we know that there are way more opportunities for your employees to avail themselves while working in your office. They can invest their office time in their works by sitting in your office. They might waste their office time scrolling on social media, chatting, playing online games, and many more. So, to help you lead with confidence and satisfaction, we have bought 5 Best ways to monitor the online activities of your employees. These ways will help you keep a check on your employees and provide you a guaranteed security system. These are:

  1. Wrong use of companies internet access

If we ask you if you have 100% assurance of your employees’ loyalty, can you give a guarantee right now? No? you shouldn’t be ashamed if you can’t guarantee your employer’s commitment because it’s human nature to take advantage of everything you can access. If your employees have internet access, we cannot say they would have been using it for their business projects. They might be responding to their emails or messages, scrolling the news feed of social media, or they can even be looking for new job opportunities. What could you possibly do to be aware of all of these activities?

pcTattletale has brought the right opportunity for you to solve all of your trust issues with your employees! pcTattletale is an employee monitoring software, as it lets the business owners see what their employees are doing online. This spying software runs invisibly in the background, so it can’t be detected. It is one of the best online spy software that can help you grow a loyal staff. To learn more about the features and price packages of pcTattletale, click here.

  • Secret Emails

Your employees might have some secret email activities. Now you might be wondering how you can check their actions in their email box. Right? With pcTattletale, this is relatively easy to analyze your employee’s email history, whether they’re sending emails for business purposes or their means. We have done complete research on the time management of employees of different corporations and realized that today’s professionals are spending 25% to 50% of their time in their email boxes. And nobody can guess how many emails they sent or received at that particular time and to whom they were sending emails, or if they were responding quickly to the customers or not.

But pcTattletale provides you more than just the email activities of your employees by recording the screen, or you can also see the live online performance of your employees. You can learn more about its live viewing feature by clicking on pcTattletale.

  • Protect your sensitive data from data theft

The protection and security of the sensitive database of any business is its top priority. You cannot trust your employees in such acute cases. We are not saying that all employees might have wrong intentions to harm you or your business, but some careless or resentful employees can steal or leak your data. And this can even lead you to a severe crisis or disaster.

With pcTattletale, you cannot only protect your data theft but can also ensure if your staff is complying with the policies of your company or not. You can monitor if they’re downloading prohibited lists or are participating in illegal activities by using your company’s deceives. In that case, pcTattletale provides you strong evidence of their illicit actions in the form of screen recordings.

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