How To See Real, Organic SEO Results

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Are you unsatisfied with your SEO results thus far? 

Whether you are or not, read on to discover how you can get real, organic SEO results. 

Create and Use Solid Content 

Before you take the time to refine your SEO strategy, make sure you are consistently writing and posting high-quality content. If you want people to click and share your pages, you need to ensure that your content is interesting and accurate. Google will reward that! 

Select a Set of Keywords 

Using the right keywords is an essential element of SEO. If you just write content about anything without paying close attention to the best keywords, it will not bode well for you. Your marketing and management teams will need to work together, researching all of the keywords in your industry. Once you have done this, narrow it down to the ones with the highest traffic volume and the least amount of competition. Now that you have this list, you are ready to start writing. 

Use Those Keywords In Your Content 

Using the narrowed-down list of keywords throughout the content of your pages is the best way to climb up the Google ranking chart. Just make sure you use it the right way. 

Google will penalize you if you overuse keywords. So, it is critical to use them correctly and without letting the quality of your writing suffer. It is also good to have your keywords placed early in the article, as Google will recognize this as relevant. 

Use Intriguing Meta Descriptions

Meta descriptions are often the thing that either encourages a person to click on your title or makes them move on. So, take the time to make sure your meta descriptions are short, sweet, and attention-grabbing. 

Have the Right Page Titles 

The title is everything. It is crucial to keep it under 70 characters and make sure that it concisely describes what is on the page. Google will reward this. 

Anchor Texts and Keywords

Using anchor texts that hyperlink to other relevant pages is a great way to climb Google’s ranking system. It is important to make sure that you link relevant articles with anchor texts that are very similar to the keywords you are using on the current page. 

Pay Attention to Your URLs 

URLs should be easily readable by anyone who pays attention to them. Google does not like it when it is a long list of numbers, slashes, and other miscellaneous characters. 

Follow Google EAT Guidelines 

Google uses its own EAT guidelines to determine the quality of any given page for its ranking system. Here is what you should know about it.


Google does not want to promote sights with false information. Because of this, they look for sites with cited sources and clearly stated information. This is especially true for companies in the medical and legal industries. 


Take ownership of your accomplishments on your pages. Prove to the reader and Google that you are accomplished and reputable by displaying your reviews and credentials. And by having satisfied customers write testimonials for you. 


Make sure your site looks legit and has all the credentials needed to be considered trustworthy. Google and people alike tend to trust companies with SSL certificates over ones without.

Two Ways to Accomplish This 

This is no doubt a lot of work. But, it is well worth it. If you’re thinking to yourself, how am I supposed to correctly implement all of this? There are two main paths you can go. 

Hire a Team

If you have the financial resources, you can always hire a team. Get an experienced marketing manager on board and give him a crew of people that can get the job done. While this may take a lot of time and money, it will eventually prove a great way to implement these SEO strategies. 


If you do not have the resources or the desire to wait for a team to be hired and trained, you should consider outsourcing. Hire a company that is dedicated to increasing other companies’ SEO. All you have to do is start! 

Other Miscellaneous Strategies 

In addition to implementing the above SEO-specific strategies. There are a couple of other things you should do to encourage organic growth. 

Strong Social Media Presence 

First, make sure your social media presence is up to snuff. We live in a world where people will search for companies, restaurants, and vacation spots on Instagram before Google. So, make sure if someone searches for your company on Instagram, they find a page with strong, relevant content. 

Strong Mobile Website 

Make sure your mobile site is just as good as your desktop site. This should be a given, but sometimes it falls through the cracks. The odds are that people will be visiting your page on their phones. So, give them a page that looks good and works well. 

The Bottom Line

The bottom line is that there is a lot that goes into crafting the best SEO strategies for your company. When it comes down to it, you need a well-equipped marketing team, either in-house or outsourced, working hard to get you on the google ranking map. Once you get this going. You will be well on your way to seeing real, organic SEO results. 

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