Plagiarism Checker X: Featuring 2021’s Best Plagiarism Detection Mechanism!

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Plagiarism Checker X is destined to be the world’s No.1 favourite – standing the test of time by providing fast and accurate plagiarism scanning against text documents, blog articles, assignments, and research papers. The software is equipped with the industry’s leading plagiarism detection mechanism, catching copied and rephrased content on the spot with similarity percentage calculation and traces to the original text source.

Compatible with all major Windows operating systems and support for multiple document formats including PDF, DOCX, TXT, HTML. Plagiarism Checker X compares every portion of an article against billions of online webpages and goes to the finest details to point out exact and partial matches for a 99.99% accurate plagiarism report!

Deep Search Technology

With qualitative interpretation, word positioning, and our knowledgeable algorithms, checking any piece of context has never been this much easier. The moment you upload any text, Plagiarism Checker X uses its Deep Search Technology to compare your uploaded text against billions of web pages including blogs and websites. You will get a plagiarism alert when part of your text matches something posted online.

Rich & Insightful Feedback

When you use Plagiarism Checker X to find plagiarism, you’ll see an immediate report that shows you whether or not plagiarism has been detected. The tool flags individual sentences, exact matches, near to exact matches, and fuzzy matches in corresponding colours; provides source reference information, and evaluates the text for an overall originality and similarity score. Plus, you can quickly paddle down the matches using side-by-side comparison.

Plagiarism Catching

This plagiarism checker tool identifies plagiarism from billions of web pages. The plagiarism report highlights copied passages as well as provides you with the exact trace of the original sources. The report may be used for quoting references in your study paper, adding missing citations, and catching smart copy/paste techniques applied by your web content writer or student!


Every SEOee’s Favorite Tool

Unique and quality content is the life and soul of every successful SEO campaign. Plagiarism Checker X can be used by professional SEOees and digital marketers to spot duplication in content provided by their content writers. Just paste the material here before publishing and search it against billions of online references for duplication errors.

Advanced Assignment Plagiarism Detection

What gives Plagiarism Checker X a superlative edge to teachers/professors over other tools, is its ability to deeply examine students’ assignments against other students assignments using the cross-comparison tool. When you have piles of documents to check, bulk import all of them here and get individual documents checked against each other with super fast and to the point accuracy!

Similarity Identification with Percentage Report

This plagiarism identification tool provides you with a comprehensive summary of plag scanning – displaying the percentage of copied content found in your document. The percentage is determined on a scale of 0 to 100. The plagiarism percentage shows what portion of one’s text matches other pages on the web. In situations where you want to see the relative weight of repetition, duplication, and uniqueness in a document, this is a very useful function.


Good To The Last Word

This tool blends speed with the consistency of Deep Search and compatibility with all operating systems + document formats. You can upload Word / PDF / PPT/.Docx/.Txt files in addition to plain text pasted into the box, and have the imported files reviewed for plagiarism. Particularly huge papers containing thousands of words can be uploaded and accurately checked for duplication.

Privacy Guaranteed

Rest assured, your writing is going to remain confidential. With privacy rights promised, we endorse industry-leading technologies. Our plagiarism finder would not allow the writing searchable online or through any other database. Neither will the text be used by any plagiarism checkers, nor will it be regenerated or reused.

Whether you are a teacher grading assignments, a student citing references, a content writer working on original content, or an individual looking to find words and sentences in a document against duplication errors – Plagiarism Checker X offers the fastest and most accurate plagiarism report with its in-depth plagiarism scanning. Get your premium subscription now and unleash the potential of 2021’s best plagiarism checker tool!

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