Powerful LinkedIn Marketing Ideas to Promote Your Brand (Plus Tools to Use)

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When you hear the words social media, Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter come into mind straight ahead. If you put business into the conversation, then surely those three still pop into your mind. There is nothing wrong with that. The big three of social media are fantastic ways to improve your business and brand.

But have you heard about a social media platform that performs 277% better when it comes to generating leads?

Well, we would like to introduce you to LinkedIn.

This does not suggest that LinkedIn is something new to the scene. You may have even heard of it before since it is still among the most popular social networking sites globally. Gathering over 690 million members since its founding in 2002, it has built a name in the marketing industry. With all these stats considered, I believe that you should find out why LinkedIn is the most used social networking site among the fortune 500.

Why Choose LinkedIn to build your business?   

LinkedIn was built to help grow your business’ boundaries and reach. It has all the tools to do so, and whether or not you have grown your business or just starting out, LinkedIn will find a way to enhance your brand’s reach. If you need a little more convincing, then have a glimpse behind the benefits awaiting you:

  • 93% of the B2B marketers on the platform believe that it is the best option for lead generation.
  • 50% of LinkedIn members have claimed that they are more likely to acquire from a business they associated with or found on LinkedIn.
  • LinkedIn is responsible for 64% of all visits to corporate channels from social media.
  • LinkedIn generates 277% more leads than Twitter and Facebook.

So, whether it is connections, brand awareness, partnerships, or new customers you want, knowing how to market on LinkedIn will provide all of the above sufficiently. We have provided a guide for you to find your footing on the site.

Powerful LinkedIn Marketing Ideas to Promote Your Brand

1. LinkedIn Groups

One of the first and best things you can acquaint yourself with when you start LinkedIn is LinkedIn groups. These groups will allow you to meet people involved in the same field you belong to, essentially establishing connections right away.

Joining a group can lead to brand awareness, growing your contacts, and establishing your name amongst your peers. Furthermore, you can create your own LinkedIn group and become an example of leadership and have a hold on your team to inspire.

Finally, having a group can allow you to have group chats which can have multiple people in on a discussion, boosting productivity and improving communication.

2. Quality Content

Getting content right is vital on LinkedIn. You will be dealing with two types of people on LinkedIn – seasoned professionals or startups scurrying for a job. Both are somewhat hard to please because one is too busy with their own business, and on the hand, one is looking for content that can hook them within first eye contact.

The key here is value and quality. If you want to capture potential clients or partners, content that aims to inform, please, or even entertain is what you should be aiming for. Getting that first impression is everything because once a user engages with your post, the chances of your content appearing on their mutual’s list will increase.If you’re using visual content make sure to add filter to your photos to make them look appealing.

Content can either be original or not. It all has to do with value or relevance to your message or business.

3. Fix your publishing schedule

On LinkedIn, hard-selling can spell doom for your business. People will not appreciate it if you force yourself on them, especially if they are executives. This will make you look desperate and unprofessional, basically ruining any chance to build credibility.

If there is one thing you need to get right, it is to publish a schedule that knows what time is best to post. You should still post consistently to be on other users’ radar, but not too often as to bug them. 

As much as LinkedIn ensures success and more leads for your business, it also requires patience before acquiring it.

4. Acquire Inmail

Emailing to potential customers, business partners, or executives is part of the job, and it learning how to email correctly can get you good traction. But imagine if you suddenly got three times the amount of responses from your emails? That is the kind of effect you get when you acquire Inmail.

Inmail is a feature that comes with a premium LinkedIn account that allows you to contact and email anyone that is linked to the platform. That is a great opportunity, and a trusted one at that, because you will surely feel the effects right after buying it. 

It is still optional, but if you want to work faster and receive results more often, the price will be worth it.

5. Adjust your ads using the matched audiences feature.

Most people would have second thoughts about interacting with an upon first viewing. Luckily, LinkedIn allows you to navigate past this struggle by retargeting your ads to contacts that you are already associated with.

Through matched audiences feature, people who have interacted with your business through visiting, messages, or email are more likely to view your ad and thus will trust it more, knowing that they already know who you are.

6. Eye-catching Visuals.

We have established that LinkedIn is a special platform and that it varies differently from the social media channels you are used to surfing or using. However, the tricks that work there can also work on LinkedIn, and one of those tricks is to use eye-catching visuals.

Having images next to your text can help increase interaction with your posts, as long as it is related to your message of course. This could come in the form of comics, photography, custom images, or even live videos.

Depending on the execution of your visual, the performance of your post can go from twice as much engagement to twenty-five times more. If you ask us, learning a thing or two about graphics is not such a bad thing.

7. Be mindful of the numbers.

Given that LinkedIn is a professional platform, data here is more appreciated than others. Factual data is generally good for business because data helps customers or partners assess whether or not your business is worth the bother. Before you think that this could help sway them away, trying to force content that has no data at all will give you less engagement.

LinkedIn provides data analytics for your business, so you do not have to worry about where to gather them, as well as provides data on how your posts are performing. Moreover, it will help you find the right audience by also providing statistics that correlate potential clients to your business.

Partners need some sort of metric to measure your performance, customers need some data to trust you, and you need the numbers behind your posts to know how to improve. Knowing how to use data will help you greatly in the world of LinkedIn.

8. LinkedIn Marketing blogs

LinkedIn is constantly improving itself in order to become the single best platform for your business to grow. Along with its growth comes a list of features that prove this fact. One of those is Linkedin’s marketing blogs.

Linkedin’s marketing blogs is a constantly updating lists of articles that can help you and your business by curating the best articles that help in doing so. Moreover, it can help you run through LinkedIn’s many features if ever you are confused in using them to maximum capacity. 

By checking infrequently, you are bound to find something that can change the trajectory of your business. If not, then you can pick up on something that can improve your performance on the site. This is a win-win tip.

Recommended Tools For Social Media Marketing

If you are looking for social media marketing tools for your campaigns, here are some recommended online tools that can make your life easier as a marketer:


A great way to reel in customers or partners is consistency. There are a lot of ways to spot consistency – in your messages, in your product’s quality, or maybe in the visuals you post. Lacking consistency can be a grave mistake, so if you want consistency for your visuals, DawKit is the tool for you.

Drawkit specializes in vector images, which are images that have no drop in quality if they are resized. This could mean great things for logos, banners, even T-shirts. Having access to vector images is vital to your brand. With DrawKit’s practically endless library of vector images, you will surely be spoiled for profit.


When you want to create images for your business or your presentations or your posts, it takes more than just nice colors and nice composition. Sometimes what makes a visual great is its theme, and there is no tool better at helping with that than DesignStripe.

DesignStripe is a graphic automation tool that, other than having a more than capable editing tool as well as a friendly interface, has all that you need when it comes to making a visual with a theme. They have ready-made templates for engineers, marketers, fashion designers, scientists. The point is that if you have a job, they will surely have something in store for it.

AI Writer

On LinkedIn, you will do a lot of marketing, and a lot of marketing means a lot of writing. You need proper language if you want to market well, and this includes emails, propositions, answering acquisitions, customer service, a whole lot of tasks that need no mistakes. AI writer will ensure that you do not misstep in the writing area.

AI writer is a writing automation tool that turns something simple into something great. From an idea to a whole blog, AI writer leaves no space for mistakes by also doing everything originally and grammatically correct. It is a tool from the future and something that assists you well when it comes to the authenticity of your business.


We mentioned that having good imagery is a great tip to achieving success on LinkedIn, so if you are in a spot where you have no prior knowledge of creating top-notch visuals, then Pixelixe is the tool that you should be eyeing.

Pixelixe is an image automation tool that aims to save up your time while boosting productivity by providing quality images in a flash. It also acknowledges that you might cater to different dimensions of images as a business. Therefore, it has a solution to that which is the design set builder, which already creates multiples versions of an image with different sizes.

Text Blaze

Text Blaze is a neat tool that helps you save time when it comes to creating messages or responses to them. Text Blaze allows you to create shortcuts for certain phrases or sentences which you often use and give them keys. You can also create shortcuts for templates and macros, so if you are ever short on time or never want to be short for it again, Text Blaze is key to achieving that.


Trust us. You do not want to be dealing with removing backgrounds. This is something that even professionals can not get right, so if you want to create top-notch visuals or edits for your business without the drag of removing backgrounds, then Removal.AI is the number one option for that. What it does is simple – remove backgrounds. It does this to a T, leaving out no pixel behind for your subject and clean background that is left for you to edit.

Post Planner

We mentioned that to enhance sales and connections. You need to post often but not too often. Bombarding people on LinkedIn will do more harm than good, but the thing is, posting consistently is still hard to do. We have our schedules, our meetings our day-offs, but despite that, there is no need to worry because you have Post Planner.

Post Planner is all you ever need when it comes to posting consistently because it will keep this queued for you, given that you give them time to personalize. It will also double-check your post before it does the posting to ensure that all is well and that you save yourself from AI sabotage. If you need some help, Post Planner has lots of it in store.

Your Turn…

LinkedIn is the place to be when you want greener pastures for your business. 

It may not be Facebook or Instagram, but with all that we have discussed above, this should not be any reason for you not to try it out since LinkedIn knows what is best for your business. If you feel like you are a fish in a small pond, LinkedIn is the canal that will lead you straight into the open ocean. We highly recommend trying it out and finding your rhythm as soon as possible.

Author’s Bio:
Shelly Solis is the co-founder of She currently collaborates with different companies for their SaaS guest posting services. When not online, she loves travelling and reading books and hopes to finally have a family vacation this year after being stuck at home like the rest of the world.

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