Qualities of a Great Web Designer

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Who doesn’t want to have their business well presented online on a website that perfectly represents their brand? You’re not one of them. Do you know that businesses that have well-designed websites attract lots of traffic? Research shows that well-designed websites attract over 80% of online traffic, and 90% turn valuable conversions. Therefore if you’re looking forward to a website that will improve your bottom-line significantly, then you’re reading the right article. 

For you to have a great website, you must get a great designer who’s well-experienced. What are the qualities of this designer?

Experience in their work

What else beats experience in any industry? None of the courses, and that’s why you have an experienced one; you’re sure that you will have a great website with the right plug-ins and well optimized for high ranking. Choosing a newbie for a web designer can be very disastrous and so disappointing. What you must do is first to get someone who has a portfolio of clients they’ve served for many years. That way, you know they understand what you need because they’ve handled similar cases. When you have an experienced person for a web designer, they’ll even install some “additives” on your site, so it improves its attractiveness and effectiveness. 

Knowledge and techniques

When hiring a webs designer, you must know their level of education and training. They must possess the right design skills. Watch out! Being a graduate of a computer or IT-related course doesn’t guarantee excellent services. You’ve to be sure the skills they have acquired and their work history will be confirmed. Just like an engineer whose work can only be ascertained by the significant structures they’ve built, a web designer is known for the kind of work they’ve produced. Therefore if the work doesn’t match what they’ve told you, you know what to do. The designer also must-have techniques that make them outstanding- why should you choose them and not many other experienced ones?

Expansive portfolio

When hiring a particular web designer, you need to find out how expansive their portfolio is. What type of websites have they designed? Do they look like something you want to have for your company? If so, then you can comfortably choose them. It may be a gamble here because new designers also have talent but working with experience in work is of more excellent value.

Competitiveness in their pricing

Web design is part of your company’s projects, and each has a budget. When choosing a web designer, they should match your budget. The cost is not the priority one, but it matters most. However, consider the quality of their work first before you talk about pricing. Some Seattle Web Designers may look more expensive than peers, but their quality is excellent- you need such. 

Variety of services

A reputable website developer will not only offer design services; they’ve added services. Some will have a section that provides content creation services, SEO, Social media campaigns, etc. Those other services complement the needs of your website. Before you hire a web design company, find out other services they offer and their experience in such. That will reduce the cost of getting different companies to work for you, something that’s so expensive. 

Customer service

Who wants to work with a designer who can’t communicate? You need a professional web designer with excellent communication skills. Expert designers will take time to explain terminologies for the clients to understand. They won’t assume that you know the complicated jargon.

When choosing a web designer for your start-up or company website, be detailed but straightforward. Get a list of the many that are available and interview them. Interviewing them allows you to ask hard questions that will leave you comfortable. Thing quality first before any other aspect. 

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