Reliable Methods to Test the Purity of Shilajit Resin

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Right from ancient times, many ayurvedic herbs are getting much popularity among the people. They are known for their endless benefits for the health of the person. One of the most popular ayurvedic herbs till now is Shilajit. Many theories have been conducted to check its health benefits. So all these have led to the rise in the popularity of this ayurvedic herb, since then its demand has immensely increased in the market. Nowadays this herb is available in the market in different forms like powder, tablets, pills, oil, etc. even some of the companies have come up with the shilajit resins. 

Now the question arises which type of shilajit is to be consumed for best results on the body. Many of the companies are being forced to manufacture fake shilajit to meet the demand in the market. Several tests can ensure the purity of the shilajit. Let’s have a look at them.

  • Pliability test: Pliability describes the property of the matter into which the object matter can easily break into another form. To check the authenticity of the shilajit, it is very important to conduct this test. You can easily store shilajit resins in the freezer for 2 to 3 hours. Then it should be taken out and let come to room temperature. After that take a small scoop by using your fingers. If it gets bends into a ball and is stretched to form a stick, it is pure shilajit.
  • Solubility test: In this test, the solubility of the substance is seen that how easily it gets dissolved in water. The purest form of shilajit is completely dissolving in water. So take a piece of the shilajit and drop it in a glass of water. Look for the residue or the non-soluble substances. If it has many, then the shilajit not pure; but if it in water it was pure.
  • Burn test: To perform the Shilajit fire test, there is the requirement to take out a small amount of shilajit resin. Place it over the non-flammable container and use a lighter to set it on the fire. If the shilajit is pure, it won’t catch fire but any type of mixing is done, then that product will catch fire. Carry the substance to further tests also to get the surety of its pureness.

In a nutshell, if the person conducts all the above-given tests, he will be able to know the purity of shilajit. Most of the companies dealing with this product get the raw shilajit from the Himalayas. There are several varieties made available in this. Hence, it is always suggested to carry out these tests before consuming Shilajit. There are simple ways that will help check if shilajit is pure. Once you get the right product, the person can start consuming it and get the best results on the health. Both men and women can have regularly for the best results.

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