5 Ways To Get Relief From Unmanageable Pain

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Pain generally alerts us about an injury like a sprained ankle or something. Still, it can continue for weeks or months in some cases, causing needless suffering and affecting the quality of life. 

You have many more options for treating chronic pain today compared to earlier times. Below are some techniques to reduce and control extreme pain that doesn’t involve a meddling procedure. 

  1. Use CBD for Relief 

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Studies have proven that applying high-quality and potent CBD products can relieve chronic pain. CBD activates the endocannabinoid system with the help of cannabinoid receptors present in our skin and body. These receptors bind with the CBD in your dermal and epidermal skin, which helps in alleviating your pain. 

You will also find CBD capsules, tinctures, and gummies available in the market, which you can consume to get relief from your pain. Taking CBD edibles has the same effect as using a CBD topical but on a much larger scale because it enters the bloodstream and reaches the cannabinoid receptors throughout the whole body. However, the CBD market is highly unregulated, and numerous counterfeit products are available. Hence, always purchase  products like best CBD vape juice products.

  1. Exercise Gently Regularly

Gentle and straightforward everyday activities, such as walking, gardening, and light jogging, can give you some relief from the irritating pain as they block pain signals from reaching the brain by releasing endorphins. When you indulge in some gentle activity, it stretches tense and stiff muscles, joints, and ligaments, reducing the pain. In addition, doing gentle exercise daily helps reduce heart disease risk, keeps blood sugar levels under control, and enables you to control your weight. 

It is quite natural to be skeptical about doing some exercise as you may worry about doing more damage. But, if you start doing your regular activities gradually, it is almost impossible to worsen the situation. Of course, you might feel slight pain when you start with your gentle exercises, but there is nothing to worry about as your joints and muscles will slowly get used to it. 

In the long run, the benefits of gentle exercise are sure to exceed any chances of an increase in pain.

  1. Implement Meditation and Deep Breathing Techniques

Feeling relaxed and stress-free can help lessen your pain to a great extent. Practicing meditation and deep breathing techniques are excellent ways to relax your body and mind. Tightness and tension seep from the body as they receive a message to relax when you meditate and practice deep breathing. 

There are numerous ways to practice meditation, but the calming power of repetition is the key to most meditation practices. You need to focus on your breath, repeat a phrase or a word, and ignore all other thoughts. Following these techniques can help your body relax and eliminate stress, reducing your pain. 

Deep breathing is also another very effective stress-relieving technique. To practice deep breathing, all you need to do is find a quiet place, get into a comfortable body position, and start concentrating on your breath. Take a deep breath, let the air fill your stomach, and then let it all out like a deflating balloon.

  1. Switch to a Healthy Diet  

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A balanced diet is crucial in so many ways. It aids your digestive system and reduces heart diseases and helps keep the weight under control and improve sugar levels in the blood. To eat a low-fat and sodium diet, you can choose fresh vegetables and fruits, dried beans and peas, whole-grain cereals and bread, low-fat milk, yogurt, and cheese. 

Eating a balanced diet keeps you in good shape, which reduces the risks of chronic pain. The best approach to boost your immune system to prevent chronic pain is to avoid bad inflammatory foods and incorporate a balanced healthy diet. 

  1. Seek Counseling 

Suffering from chronic pain can make you tired, depressed, grumpy, and anxious. This can make you fall into a low loop, making the pain worse. Living with constant pain isn’t easy and gets very frustrating after a point. 

You can become your biggest enemy if you are stubborn and not pacing your everyday activities when in pain. It is also essential to know and accept your physical limitations and carry out your physical activities accordingly. It is pretty normal to get emotional when you have chronic pain from time to time.

So in such cases, you might want to visit a counselor and get some help. They can guide you in dealing with your emotions, which might ease the pain to some extent.  


While some of the above tips can instantly provide you relief from pain, others help prevent it together. For example, regularly getting some gentle physical exercise can go a long way in preventing and curing muscle and joint pains. Also, eating a balanced diet containing enough protein and minerals helps keep your bones and joints strong and keeps pain at bay. Finally, if you suffer from acute pain, you can use CBD cream or capsules for quick relief.

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