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Setting up a home office explained

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Putting together a high-standard home office is no easy feat. It requires extensive investment of time and money. Ensuring you have all the required equipment from suitable internet connection to high quality furniture and comfort are key. Do not stress though, setting up a home office can be made easier. We have advice on how to do it on everything from computers and PC’s to desk chairs.


With power unmatched by many and built into a small, easy to look at profile, the MSI Cubi 5 i7 10m-033bau Barebone Mini PC is a system perfect for any type of task. It also comes with Intel Wireless AX201 for Wi-Fi 6 support and exceptional wireless connectivity. Find it at Harvey Norman here.


Laptops are great for when you are on the road, but if you want to get more done – monitors are a must. Thee Philips 27″ FHD IPS Monitor offers plenty of screen real estate at ta great price. Now, space is of course something to think about. If you have enough and are willing to spend a little more on space, the Philips 20.7″ LED Monitor is a sound option.


The HP Envy Colour Inkjet MFC Printer, Canon PIXMA HOME Wireless Inkjet MFC Printer or the Epson Expression Home MFC Printer for will suit as they offer decent printing and wireless support. Beware – the general rule is that the lower the initial cost, the more you will pay for consumables in the long term.

Mouse and keyboard

A decent mouse and solid keyboard are critical to a good office. The Logitech Wireless Keyboard and Mouse Combo will suit the needs of most users. Testing keyboards and mice out before buying. You will spend a lot of time suing that mouse and keyboard so making a choice you like is important.

External storage

External hard drives offer you more space than your computer will offer. It was also help you back up files and help you store files for longer, and easier. The Seagate 3TB Expansion Desktop Hard Drive will tick the box for most users.


When it comes to finding a desk, it pays to keep things simple. The LINNMON and ADILS combination of tabletop and legs from IKEA is ideal. A 120cm LINNMON tabletop with a set of ADILS legs is as affordable as anything.


Do you like comfort? Then prepare to spend as much as you want on a decent office chair. You will not regret it. The Chester Chair is a style of chair that is comfortable, classy, and critical to high work levels. For any other home office or computer related product, visit Harvey Norman now.

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