Setting up Online Streaming for Funerals

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In the recent times, an ample number of funeral homes are going to add live-streaming a funeral or memorial service in their packages, so their loved ones who can’t make it to the funeral place can still feel close to their family by watching the funeral live streaming from the home. There are a lot of differences in the live streaming and video that were made at the time of the funeral to record all the ceremonies at the memorial service and then send or post online after the fact as it is so close to the real-time.

There may be some delay in the upload of the video, however; the viewers will not observe since when they are not present at the time of the actual funeral. Online streaming enables people from all across the world to be a part of the funeral in the event at the same moment, providing everyone a feel of unity.

If you want to get the funeral streaming over the web services for your loved one, but cannot find a funeral home nearby areas that ahs the ability to do so, here are some step by step guide based on how to set up live streaming by own so that you can let others partake in the funeral.

There are three major steps that you will require to consider to be able to do a live stream and they are involved below. Some of them are available at money but you can use the network of your kin to see if anyone has all such equipment so that there will be no need to buy all for one event. Let us take a peek at the steps below.

Step 1: Input

For the very first part, you need to have a webcam as well as a mic to enhance the quality of the sound. Also, you can transform the regular digital camcorder for streaming the funeral life but the procedure is a bit daunting and thus, it is best to use a camera that is designed to place on the computer.

Step 2: Processing and Encoding

If you do not have the equipment with you, then this is the part that can be a bit steep. To process all the data and return it to the audience promptly, you require to have a pretty powerful computer. Some of the minimum specifications that you will require for the computer include Dual or Quad-Core Processor, 4 GB RAM, 512 MB VRAM, and upload of bandwidth around 1.2 Mbps to 1.5 Mbps.

Step 3: Output

When you received the input as well as computing power behind the video for the funeral live streaming, then you need to have an output. This is when you are going to choose the website that you prefer for streaming the funeral. Some site suggestions do it at zero cost and top-rated ones are, and

When you have created an account with one of them, they will provide step by step instructions to connect the servers and establish a unique link to the live streaming. Thus, the viewers can click the link and attend the funeral.

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