Benefits of Solving Model Papers for Board Exams

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Board exams are conducted every year for class 10 and 12 students. These exams are a matter of concern for the students as students start feeling the pressure of board exams from the beginning of the academic session. Due to this, their focus gets diverted to scoring high marks instead of learning the concepts, which does no good to the students. To avoid this situation the first thing that they should do is stop worrying about the exams. They should concentrate on their studies. If they grasp the concepts well, then no one can stop them from scoring good marks in the board exams. Here is how solving the model papers can ease their exam preparation.

Once they are done studying by covering the entire syllabus then they should focus on practicing as many questions as they can. The best resources for practicing are model papers. It helps students to assess their preparation level. They get to know their weak and strong areas. Accordingly, they work on their weak points regularly and improve their performance. For the students of board exams, it’s very important to solve the model papers.

Solving the model papers helps students in time management. Most of the students are not able to solve all the questions during the exam. For them practicing model papers are the best way to improve their speed. Also, they feel confident as they have solved so many different types of questions.

Solving Model Papers for Board Exams

All these are applicable to class 12 students as well. Solving Class 12 model papers will give them an idea about the question paper pattern, marking scheme, the difficulty level of exams, types of questions asked in the exam, etc. Moreover, practicing with model papers will be a kind of revision for them as they will go through the same concepts again. Students can also find the model papers for practice in their respective board official site. For eg: UP Board students can find model paper Class 12 UP Board from their official website. The official board provides year-wise model papers for all the subjects. Few boards provide solutions along with the marking scheme for each solution in the answer sheet. This will help students to understand how to write answers during exams.

Along with the model papers, students should also be thorough with their respective textbooks. Textbooks of the respective subjects can be downloaded from the official website of the board in pdf format. Practicing textbook questions are also important while preparing for board exams. Students can even find the solutions of their respective subject wise textbooks. For eg: Students of UP Board preparing for their Class 12 exam can refer to UP Board Class 12 Solutions.

So, from now stop worrying about the board exams and start studying. Give your best and students will surely get a good result. Students can also subscribe to our BYJU’S YouTube Channel to watch and learn through interactive videos to understand complex concepts better.

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