4 Reasons Why It’s Time To Make Steroids Legal In Professional Sports

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4 Reasons Why It’s Time To Make Steroids Legal In Professional Sports

Despite the glory and glitz of renowned athletes like Jessica Ennis and Usain Bolt, the athlete’s scene is shaping up with each of its competitions. Today, most sports are in jeopardy with many athletes getting banned from doping. To make matters more alarming, the recent IAAF leaked evaluation data shows that nearly a third of won medals were athletes with a suspicious amount of the prohibited drug in their blood. 

These allegations have put doping to the limelight with sports experts having discussions on whether it is suitable for the sportsmanship or not. The use of drugs to enhance performance is not something that began yesterday. It has been around since the third  Olympiad. 

The amateur sporting days are over, and these days sports pay hugely. The winners have a bigger paycheck from major endorsements to medals won. The call for success is great and thus the need for inclusiveness in the sport. You can get the inclusiveness through enhancers. Most people do not build naturally for a specific purpose, and they would need boosters like testosterone enanthate to keep them at par with the rest. 

In this guide, we will be looking at some of the reasons why it’s time sports should allow the use of steroids. 

Loopholes in The Rules

As some would assume, the strict laws against doping are a fallacy for there are no proper junctures put in place to curb the menace. This only leaves those vulnerable ones without the chance to use the so-called banned substances as others are secretly using them. This is extreme marginalization in sports which is not fair. Besides, there are chances that cheating wouldn’t be there if the drugs are freely and legally available.

The  Anti-Doping Agency law states a drug as illegal when it is meant to enhance performance, violates the sports spirit or risky for your health. The big question is, would a free and legally available drug violate the sporting spirit? There is a huge difference between animal and human sport that we can’t underlook. The goal of a dog or horse race is to get the fastest one.  

You find the horses lined up and pushed beyond their limits through flogging or dogs with a piece of meat in front of them as an incentive. In human beings, we don’t have this luxury we have free will, we choose how we want to win and can make personal choices through the race. When selecting an animal for a race, they usually select the strongest or fastest, but doing such with humans takes us back to the old sports days. We are not the same genetically, and that only means some will not participate or win if they participated. 

Prohibition Leads To High Demand

It is debatable to assume that it has been with great success with banning the use of steroids in professional sports. Contrary, the product receives high demand from athletes who need to boost their performance. 

In the 1920s, the American alcohol prohibition proved futile as more people took to other avenues and means to get alcohol. Similarly, the ban won’t stop its consumption but rather create a demand vacuum, which leads to using of unregulated products that could be dangerous and unsafe. 

Most athletes using these drugs are overdosing since there are no rules of use in place. This puts the other athletes in the competition at a disadvantage.  If the sports bodies could come into harmony and put regulations that do not prohibit but control the use, these steroids could be much safer. 

Other Training Means Are Expensive

What you must know is it’s all about the money in professional sports, that’s why governments are willing to invest heavily in sports. Most sports training facilities are expensive to marginalized communities. There is only one hope that seems affordable and easily accessible, steroids. And these steroids for sale will help you achieve your goals.

However, allowing sports enhancers like steroids in sports could curb economic discrimination. It is costly for an athlete to go for training in a place with suitable conditions as compared to administering these drugs.  The playing field can only be at the level where all participants use the same means available to everybody, and that’s steroids.

Leveling The Playing Field

Professional Sports

Most athletes have the genetic combinations handed to them by birth.  Long-distance runners have the ACE gene. The bone structure and a biological build-up have already put such athletes at an advantage. What if you are not of the same build, but there are technologies to correct that. How fast your muscles receive, oxygen is what determines performance in sports. 

The red blood cells carry the oxygen.  The more your body has the red blood cells, the higher the oxygen your muscles will receive. There are legal ways to increase this, but they seem expensive, and not every athlete can afford it.  Attitude training is most what athletes do to increase their red blood cells, but there is no difference with doping. So it is frankly unfair to make it illegal, yet the results are the same.

While some people are born with more red blood cells, others are economically embodied with the training techniques to achieve the same. So there should be a level playing means for everyone to make the sports fair.  Nature never favors everyone, while some swimmers have big feet, some gymnasts have natural flexibility, and basketball players are taller naturally. The playing field can only be at the level with performance-enhancing drugs. This promotes absolute fairness and equality. 


The debate is visible as more and more athletes are banned daily. Nonetheless, there are safer steroids that professional athletes can use. They can easily refer to trusted sources like sarms canada for steroid reviews, the testimony of users, etc. It would make sure that no one uses the wrong steroid cycles for quick results.

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