5 Technologies Guaranteed to Transform the Way You Do Business

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5 Technologies Guaranteed to Transform the Way You Do Business

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The ways of technology have entirely changed – what we thought was impossible until a few decades ago has now become the norm. None of us imagined that –  there’ll be (personal assistant) apps to cater to all our demands, we won’t need papers for business processes, or we’ll have applications to connect with people all around the globe. And as this becomes our reality, we can only expect a more evolved future owing to the rapid technological advancements.

The fact is – it is a majorly digital transformation that has revolutionized our business processes. It has changed how you conduct your processes and how you deliver value. 

What’s popular and working today may fade out tomorrow, thus in times like these our best bet is to leverage the available technologies.

So, today, I bring you 5 technologies that are sure to transform the way you conduct your business. 

Let’s dive right in and explore them – one step at a time.

The Cloud: Where the Digital Workplace Lives –

There’s no denying the fact that we are now a part of a digital workplace. All our business processes have digitized and that has led to the creation of and access to massive amounts of data. Now, it’s not feasible to store all this data on your computer’s hard drive. Why? Because as the volume of data expands, so does the threat to its security. And that is where cloud drops in. It stores information over the internet where it can remain safe forever. 

Here’s what Cloud-Based Services can do for your business – 

  1. Access data at a great speed –  on-demand, anywhere. 
  2. Automate repetitive tasks.
  3. Reduce data infrastructure costs.
  4. Solve business problems with higher efficiency.
  5. Get insights to understand your customers and gain a competitive advantage. 

Workforce Solutions with Digital Security in Mind

No matter how efficient your business functions are, they’re sure to fail if there is no provision for their secure processing. Nothing less than digital security can serve the purpose. 

  • There are end-to-end software and hardware-based data encryption that allows only authorized parties to retrieve and access the data.  
  • Then there are biometric solutions – fingerprints, and facial recognition feature that add to the layer of physical security at the workplace. 
  • The key for organizations is to leverage innovative technologies and security software to ensure that sensitive and confidential information remains in safe hands and is protected from malicious attempts of data destruction. 
  • One major blunder in the business security expanse has been to secure systems at the edge. However, present-day systems do not compromise their security. Now, security is built into all aspects of the infrastructure and applications and not merely on the endpoints. This has significantly reduced security breaches. 
  • Also, artificial intelligence and machine learning have played a significant role in redefining security. Due to their learning by patterns and experience feature, they own the capability to identify any anomalies which can then be isolated and addressed. 

Smart Virtual Assistant Apps

Virtual assistant apps do not only serve personal purposes. They can be utilized to enhance the efficiency of the business process too. By organizing your schedule, automating repetitive tasks, reminding about the important ones, and doing a lot more, these apps have now become an indispensable part of business life.

They are reforming businesses in the following manner

  • Personal Assistant Apps automate workflows and optimize your business processes. Would you want to invest your time in doing tasks that can otherwise be automated? No, right? That’s the prime reason to leverage personal assistant apps. They can write emails, schedule meetings, take important notes, make your travel arrangements, give reminders, manage calendars, find files and information, and do a lot more in a matter of few seconds. 
  • You can use AI personal assistants or chatbots to streamline customer service. The first rule of effective 
  • Customer service is to be present for your customers when they need you. And it is not always possible for a human executive to be present 24*7*365. This is where chatbots, score. By using a chatbot you free up your time which you can utilize in solving other pressing problems or handling other complicated tasks.  At the same time,  the amount of time it takes to respond to a customer decreases significantly and this leads to increasing the chances of conversion.
  • By integrating your product/service with existing personal assistant software, you can enhance their accessibility. Here’s an example – various car manufacturers are now reforming their vehicles by installing Google and Alexa in them. BMW integrated an AI personal assistant into their cars now known as BMW Intelligent Personal Assistant.

Immersive Team App Technology

Companies are now moving towards team app technologies that make collaboration easier than ever before. It is not just video conferencing that enables efficient working if your workforce is not present at the same place, but so many other technologies. One such example is that of virtual reality that has reformed the manufacturing/construction industry. It is no longer mandatory for all the engineers and workers to be physically present on the construction site. Through VR, they can collaborate in real-time. 

Without the team app technologies, it would have been impossible for remote working to expand like it has today.

Data says – more than 4.3 million employees work from home at least half the time. This figure will only go upwards from here. It is expected that 50% of the US workforce will work remotely by 2020. Without team app technologies, individuals wouldn’t be able to connect in this manner and remote working would never have flourished. Cloud-based technology also has a huge role in making these collaborations happen in real-time.

Here are two examples of team apps –


An easy-to-use team management app. Through these spreadsheets, you can share files and manage projects in real-time.  


You can now create unlimited checklists, boards, attachments, and cards. The team members can assign tasks, comment on cards, and do a lot more with Trello. 

Secure Group Messaging Systems

Employees need to collaborate and communicate with their co-workers at all times. But they cannot use just any platform to do so owing to the sensitivity of the information they share.

 Platforms like Beekeeper come to rescue in these cases. Beekeeper application enables employees to communicate in real-time – 1:1 messaging to group chats. 

Not only exclusive platforms like Beekeeper, but there are also other platforms that bring business communication to a whole new level from traditional emails.  

Communication has thus become faster and unified. You can now use social networking apps such as WhatsApp and Skype, even in the business arena. These can be used to send messages, share documents, video conferences, and more. 


Technological advancements are meant to make processes efficient and uncomplicate elaborate procedures for us. The best you can do is leverage them to make your business run smoothly towards transformation. 

Author bio:

Varsha Solanki is a Digital Marketing Strategist at Space-O Canada, an App Development Company. She has 3 years of experience in the Information Technology industry. She spends her time reading about new trends in Digital Marketing and the latest technologies.

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