The Most Popular Movies in 2022

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We desperately needed some big titles in 2022 after several quiet years in the cinematographic world. The look at the list of the announced movies for the year was more than promising. Halfway through it, we decided to give a short review on the most attractive films that saw the daylight this year. Spoiler alert, the look at the top spot on our list of the most popular movies in 2022 may return you to the 1980s. The top ten was obtained on the back of a research done by bettingpicks4you.com as part of a study to find correlations between movies and sports betting. Without further ado, let’s jump straight onto the list. 

10 – Thor: Love and Thunder 

The latest Marvel movie had to find a place on this list. The fact that it is not among the top three says enough, though. The long-awaited Thor: Love and Thunder left dedicated Marvel fans in despair since it failed to justify even one-third of the expectations. Speaking of the expectations, they were indeed sky-high after Thor: Ragnarok. Unfortunately, Taika Waititi disappointed us heavily. However, since it is still Thor, we had to give it a place on the list. 

9 – Turning Red

This was another movie that promised a lot but failed to deliver to the fullest. Turning Red might not be the most adequate title as it does not reveal much about the movie’s genuine theme which is the need for tolerance and comprehension among different races, ages, nations, sexes, and pretty much anything or anyone who feels different than the crowd for whichever reason. 

8 – The Adam Project 

The Adam Project is the second of Netflix’s two big projects with Adam. The first was giving Adam Sandler a chance to do whatever he wants to do with his career, while the second was allowing Ryan Reynolds to make as much money as he wants without too much effort. This is the story in which the love wins at the end, but the plot could have made much more sense if done otherwise. 

7 – RRR 

Speaking of the plots and scenes that are hard to understand, we come to this big-budget all-Indian movie created by the famous director SS Rajamouli. RRR is a historical-love movie with a lot of action that is pretty hard to define. Nevertheless, this is what Indian cinematography is all about nowadays after all. Everything new needs to surpass the previous edition and the entire focus is put on that. This is by no means our favorite. 

6 – Hustle 

If you love sports, basketball, in particular, you have to watch Hustle. It is a movie packed with numerous cameo appearances by professional basketball players. It tells the story of a basketball scout (Adam Sandler) who sees the opportunity of a lifetime in pushing a talented Spaniard whom he first noticed on a concrete floor in Mallorca. We would advise you to watch the movie and find out whether he manages to send him to the NBA. 

5 – The Northman 

Anyone who has watched or read Hamlet will easily find connections to The Northman. While William Shakespeare found inspiration in the middle age Scandinavian Legend of Amleth, it is hard to see where the director of The Northman found his inspiration. We have a story about a royal family in which the father betrays his son who is then killed by his brother and whose son then spends his entire life seeking revenge only to eventually learn that it was a wrong approach. 

4 – Everything Everywhere All at Once 

This is a kung-fu movie that will make us think about the existence of life and space while presenting a dildo as a deadly weapon at the same time. Michelle Yeoh spends the entire movie trying to find the real her. You may get lost in her quest but the fun is guaranteed along the way which is why we have put the film the sky-high fourth place on the list. 

3 – Doctor Strange in the Multiverse of Madness 

We spent a lot of time thinking about whether this movie deserves to be in the top three and the final consensus can be seen in the list itself. After all, it is Doctor Strange and it is Multiverse. However, while discussing this movie, we have to say that it is kind of surprised with simplicity for a movie that has a multiverse in the title. 

2 – The Batman 

DC finally returned with its iconic character. The Batman has overshadowed Thor but it has by no means been the best Batman movie we’ve ever seen. This one has at least 30 minutes of additional action that could/should have easily been reduced by the director Matt Reeves. In general, it is a decent Batman movie, too dark for our taste, but hey, it’s Batman. 

1 – Top Gun: Maverick 

Well done Tom Cruise, well done crew. Tom Gun: Maverick is the best movie in 2022 by a mile. You put all the standard American heroes in uniforms as well as your general feelings about Tom Cruise aside, this is a phenomenal movie. Tom Cruise looks surreal with his 40-year-old look while the blend between raw emotions and fantastic aviation scenes makes this movie so outstanding.   

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