There’s a Computer for Every Need

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Computers have come a long way since 1943. Today, computers come in various shapes, sizes, and capabilities to suit our needs as consumers and businesses. Here are some applications for different types of computers. 

1. Factory Floors

Depending on the nature of the industry, factory floors can be quite rough. Computers in these locations may be exposed to heat, moisture, vibration, and more. Here, rugged computers are an excellent option. 

Unlike regular PCs, rugged PCs are sealed, fanless, designed to resist the elements, and are made to last. For rugged computers you can rely on as a business, turn to a reputable manufacturer that ships directly, offers a guarantee, and has served renowned clients for several decades. 

Remember, your company’s rugged PCs can carry the latest processors and storage drives for speed and efficiency. 

2. Hospitals

Hospitals depend heavily on computers to maintain operations. They need fast and reliable PCs that can crunch data, store confidential information, and perform in demanding environments. That’s why more hospitals today are using durable waterproof computers from companies like Small PC that are paired with waterproof keyboards. Waterproof PCs can also be disinfected easily in the age of COVID-19 without breaking down. 

This company’s exceptionally durable waterproof PCs also serve industries such as marine, navy, agriculture, and more. 

3. Emergency 

Emergency vehicles such as police cars, ambulances, and firetrucks need computers to communicate, navigate, and process data. Such vehicles need small shock-resistant PCs because they often must move quickly to arrive at emergencies in a timely fashion. For example, as a police SUV screams through traffic, its computer experiences more vibrations, especially on rough roads. 

Such clients turn to manufacturers that drop-test their computers in controlled environments to make them shockproof. More sophisticated versions of such computers are found in tanks, fighter jets, helicopters, submarines, and other military applications. 

4. Video Games

The video game industry lives on the edge of computer graphics technology. Video gamers that want to play the latest titles at 4K resolution with maximum refresh rates, texture quality, anti-aliasing effects, anisotropic filtering, tessellation, raytracing, ambient occlusion, high dynamic range, bloom, and field of view, rely on computers that have cutting edge dedicated graphics cards. 

Keep in mind that even integrated graphics cards are becoming quite powerful. Computers with graphics cards built into their motherboards can comfortably play ageing titles like FIFA 17, Overwatch, Rocket League, Civilization VI, Diablo III, StarCraft II, and more at lower settings

5. Cryptocurrency

Unfortunately for gamers, people who mine cryptocurrencies like Bitcoin, Ethereum, and others, have discovered that dedicated graphics cards are an excellent tool for their needs. There has been a severe shortage of graphics cards for video gamers, with bitcoin miners buying them up, often programming bots to purchase them from retailers before anyone else.

Cryptocurrency miners are encouraged to buy dedicated bitcoin mining hardware to prevent supply shortages. What’s more, renowned graphics card manufacturer Nvidia has responded by modifying its products so that they’re less efficient at mining cryptocurrency. Nvidia promises that the modifications won’t affect the video cards’ ability to run games. 

Manufacturers create computers to perform on factory floors, in emergencies, play video games, mine cryptocurrencies, take us to the moon, and so much more. 

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