Tips To Choose A Good Magento Developer

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Despite its complexity, Magento is growing in popularity among customers looking to build an online shop or other high-volume web project. As a result, the number of contractors is growing. In order to avoid making a mistake and select a really trustworthy and competent performer, the customer must first understand what to look for. But with this platform one thing is clear: most likely you will need to work with a magento web development agency.

Official partnership with the Magento platform

To become a Magento Inc. partner, independent developers and companies must pass a series of tests conducted by the company’s headquarters, including:

  • degree of coding quality;
  • completed projects of a particular complexity and expense;
  • the presence of Magento-certified personnel in the team;
  • customer feedback.

The contracting business is given the title of “Partner” after passing all inspections, which is proof and evidence of its competency.

Certificates for Magento

Only a small percentage of Magento developers are certified. Most of the time, this is due to the fact that obtaining credentials requires extensive training and final examination at a specialized facility. When selecting contractors for a successful collaboration, look for individuals who can demonstrate their expertise and credentials.

Magento certification is a worldwide method for evaluating developers’ expertise of the platform. Magento certifications are divided into four categories:

  • Magento solution expert denotes that the developer is well-versed in the CMS’s capabilities and can modify it.
  • Magento front-end developer demonstrates that a professional can design and modify platform themes that operate on a variety of devices.
  • A Magento certified developer can build a back-end web shop on the Magento platform, taking into consideration the basic logic, payment and delivery methods settings, and the requirement for extra integration with other developers’ modules, among other things. This is the best Magento certificate since it demonstrates the developer’s thorough understanding of the platform and his ability to deal with code.
  • The coolest credential is the Magento Certified Developer Plus, which verifies that the developer has a thorough knowledge of the Magento Enterprise Edition.

An significant distinction: only Magento partner businesses and their staff are eligible to be evaluated for CMS expertise. As a result, qualified developers who have completed specific training and professional training are required when developing an Internet project based on the Magento 2 platform.

Magento expertise is required

When selecting a contractor business, consider how long it has been working with the platform. What issues the developers can address and in what time period is determined by their expertise. You will be able to prevent a lot of difficulties in the future as a result of this. Tip: Carefully examine the contractor’s portfolio.

Warranty and assistance

Because Magento-based online shops vary in functionality, it’s essential to compute an extra estimate even during the design stage. This will enable you to continue to support the project once it has been released. Partnerships with businesses that do not have the ability to support a project should be avoided.

Pay attention to whether or not a warranty term for programmers’ work is available. It usually takes 6 months from the start of the project.


The portfolio of projects is one of the most essential factors to consider when selecting a contractor business. If you liked any of the examples in the portfolio and wanted to build a project comparable to them, you’ve gone in the correct path.

Possibility of receiving feedback

The opportunity to ask the developer any project-related issue and get a professional and thorough response is a critical component. Take this into consideration while selecting a team with whom you will work in the future.

The existence of a project manager and a team of testers are further benefits of the development business. You should also consider the offer’s competition while selecting a better alternative for yourself.

You will choose a dependable competent contractor with whom you can operate fruitfully for many years based on the stated criteria and taking into consideration all the subtleties.

Team competence

The next important point is how many people work in the studio and how responsibilities are distributed between them. If one employee has taken on a lot of tasks, then you should not expect a good result.

The best option is when each employee specializes in a certain direction. In particular, the studio team should consist of the following specialists:

  • programmers;
  • designers;
  • SEOs and marketers;
  • copywriters, etc.

It is better to cooperate with those companies that provide a full range of services – from writing a technical assignment and ending with subsequent technical support or additional services. Elogic will always be able to provide you with professional Magento developers:

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