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Top Digital Marketing Courses in Edmonton

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Digital transformation has changed the consumer world entirely, so it has become a necessity to engage with the audience through online platforms. That’s where digital marketing comes. There are many reasons to choose digital marketing – it is easy to understand, it gives measurable results, takes less time, and is affordable. Through digital marketing, companies can bring their brand or service to the notice of the internet audience using digital channels and adopting a creative process. Companies are focusing more on digital advertising as billions of people are going tech-savvy these days. Most of the people use digital platforms for their work, job entertainment, and other works.

There are many benefits of using digital marketing, including:

  • no need for physical presence at a time
  • easy to approach a large number of people
  • a little capital needed to invest
  • easy to learn  and follow

Spending on digital marketing continues to grow year by year. So a career in this sector is a promising one and has compelled many people to upskill themselves, preferably by taking digital marketing courses in Edmonton or any other location for that matter.

What is Digital Marketing?

Digital marketing is a form of marketing that involves the internet and online-based technologies like smartphones, computers, and other digital channels to introduce and promote products and services. In other words, digital marketing is a kind of advertising through social media (Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, etc.) websites, mobile applications, web applications, search engines, as well as emails.

Digital marketing is all about reaching the audience and customer at the right time and at the right digital place or channel or platform for a desired product or service. Its high level of connectivity facilitates many-to-many communication and execution to promote a product in a simple, easy, timely, relevant, cost-effective, and personal way.

To make your digital marketing strategy successful, think of the 4Ps:

  • Product- what service or product you are going to sell
  • Price – the price of product or  service
  • Promotional strategy – the best way to communicate with customers about the specialty and benefits of your product/service.
  • Place – the best platform or channel to reach your customers to distribute the service or product.

Now here are some digital marketing aspects to help you can target and retarget your audience.

  • Creation Of Content – the content creation should be engaging so that you can get the desired response from the audience.
  • SEO – to get organic traffic at your site you have to get it ranked.
  • SMO – to create brand authority and recognition, you have to use social platforms to create engaging content to drive interaction and impressions.
  • Ad Campaigns – the best way to promote business or blogs or products or services is by creating ad campaigns on Facebook and Google Adwords with the correct targeting audience.
  • Email Marketing – If you have large enough email inventory, you can have a solid and direct approach to customers.

Interested to know more about digital marketing and willing to take your career ahead? Here are the courses to help you get started.

Top Digital Marketing Courses

Selecting a course from a pool of resources available on the internet isn’t an easy task. So, here we have listed some of the courses you can rely on.

Simplilearn’s Digital Marketing Specialist Program

The Digital Marketing Specialist Master’s Program aims to get students industry-ready by offering training in a wide range of areas.

The Digital Marketing Specialist Master’s Program includes:

  • Seven advanced courses, including PPC, web analytics, SEO, content marketing, and social media marketing
  • Access to more than 75 live instructor-led online classes
  • More than 45 projects and MimicPro and Mimic Social Simulation
  • Monthly mentoring sessions from industry experts

American Marketing Association PCM Digital Marketing Exam Preparation

The American Marketing Association (AMA) is a partner of LinkedIn service. They provide courses that help you to prepare for the Professional Certified Marketer (PCM) certification. Here are the course highlights:

  • Easy and flexible learning
  • Specially designed course for one of the most renowned certificate exams
  • Self-directed knowledge
  • Three chances to pass the exams
  • Designed for professionals at mid-level of experience (up to 7 years), or related bachelor’s or master’s degree with 2 to 4 years of digital marketing experience

Digital Marketing Institute’s Certification for Digital Marketing & Sales Professionals 

Digital marketing institute provides different courses for all levels of digital marketing experience. It includes Certified Digital Marketing Professional, Certified Digital Marketing Leader and Certified Digital Marketing Master.

Here are the highlights of the Certified Digital Marketing Professional course:

  • Helps you learn the philosophies of digital strategies and basics related to consumer behaviors
  • 30 lecture hours giving an in-depth understanding of digital marketing aspects
  • Prepares you for senior-level marketing job roles
  • Taught by industry experts who also give you practical exposure

EdX Wharton Digital Marketing 

EdX in collaboration with the Wharton University of Pennsylvania offers a digital marketing program consisting of 4 courses. It teaches candidates essential digital marketing skills to gain a competitive advantage over their peers.

Here are the course highlights:

  • You need to take out only 3-5 hours per week to learn the concepts covered
  • You’ll learn how to utilize new business models for e-commerce business
  • Focuses on marketing topics from the fundamentals of digital marketing to managing customer relationships
  • You’ll gain an understanding of the latest market research tactics including regression analysis and conjoint analysis
  • A course completion certificate is offered

Now that you have the list of top courses in digital marketing, you shouldn’t wait for more. The digital marketing landscape is evolving with every passing day and you need to have a strong foundation of the basics to be able to launch successful marketing campaigns for your business.

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