7 Tips When Transcribing Notes from MP3 Files

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Transcribing mp3 files to notes can be overwhelming and time-consuming, especially if you have no prior experience. Seeking transcription services at an affordable cost can come in handy for a faster solution. Transcribing an mp3 file for yourself is much cheaper, and you can generate an accurate transcript that correlates with your requirements. Modern technology allows you to increase your transcribing and typing speed. As discussed below, you can adopt various tricks to transcribe notes from MP3 files with ease and efficiency.

Use Noise Cancellation and High-Quality Headsets

Quality headsets with noise cancellation features are essential gadgets for audio transcription. The quality of sound will enable you to transcribe correctly and save significant amount of time. It is impossible to properly carry out an audio transcribing process if you cannot hear the recording. High levels of noise will significantly impact your speed while transcribing. Thus, it is crucial to invest in perfect quality noise cancellation headsets to give you clear audio. The device should have options to fine-tune the sound and click with other elements to get the best sound that suits your needs.

Reputable Transcribing Software

Using software will ease the transcribing process and increase your speed. The software will have a positive effect on your transcribing and translation services. It will help you navigate the struggle of pausing or rewinding the mp3 file to key in a missed phrase or word, which is harder with a mousse. The software will provide a solution to many common challenges faced by transcribers, such as minimizing the struggles you have to face with a mousse on normal video or audio.

Quiet and Comfortable Environment

Listening to audio and typing requires maximum concentration and focus that you cannot achieve in noisy environs. It is essential to dedicate all your attention to the mp3 file without distraction in a comfortable ecosystem. Experiencing fatigue and discomfort will have a direct impact on your focus. Therefore, ensure you look for a serene place without noises, and the trick is to get a comfortable desk and chair so that you can sit appropriately and transcribe with much ease. 

Practice Typing Faster

Typing is one of the major skills that every transcriptionist must possess. Typing regularly can improve your speed, enabling you to get faster transcriptions and convert multiple mp3 files to notes. To gain reasonable amounts from transcribing services, you must have keyboard mastery considering your speed will determine the income you will receive. Additionally, fast speed will enable you to transcribe many files if they are for personal needs.

Invest in an Autocorrect Tool

Using the autocorrect tool enables you to save a lot of time, considering every second in transcription is precious. With an autocorrect tool, you will not be required to double-check your notes every time or correct a spelling error, as this will waste your time. Use an auto-correct tool to correct spellings of various words when using Ms Word or other tools based on the software you utilize. Autocorrect will boost your efficiency and save your precious time that could have been wasted when correcting misspellings manually. Additionally, you will be able to transcribe a lot of files within a short time. It is important to proofread your whole note to double-check if the autocorrect altered the word into a different translation. 

Adopt Smart and Accurate Typing

Striving to type accurately and smartly will make a huge difference in typing swiftly. You can also set up shortcuts for words you are most likely to use. This approach will save you a lot of time on revision and proofreading. 

It is possible to develop shortcuts for several words that you are most likely to encounter. For instance, a shortcut for the word “beginning” can be “begi” or for the “what” can be “wh,” etc. You can also create for words that are challenging to spell out and regular. The autocorrect feature is available for spelling checks, and simplifies transcription process.

Take a Break

Sitting in one place for awhile without moving, listening to mp3 files and typing them down can drain your energy. Take breaks in between to relax and refocus. Failure to take breaks will make it challenging to focus, and it can stress you out. Set up time limits and get a few minutes to stretch your body. For instance, you can take a walk after every hour to stretch your muscles. Activate your brain by drinking a lot of water and eating energy-giving diets to increase glucose and oxygen circulation in your brain.


The above tips will ease your transcribing process, and you should adopt them in your daily operations. It is important to note that smart typing beats having a fast typing speed. Besides, you can always consider professional mp3 transcription if you need accurate transcribes at a fair price per word in the shortest time possible.

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