Case And Tray Packer Maintenance and Purchasing Tips, Plus Real Benefits

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A case packing machine is an invaluable part of the manufacturing and production sectors. Because of this, we have collated a few pieces of pivotal information regarding why your enterprise should consider purchasing one, or adding more to your roster of similar machinery. Likewise, browse through some maintenance tips we’ve included, as verified by professionals. 

Case And Tray Packer Maintenance Tips 

1. Your Packing Machine Manufacturer And/Or Supplier 

There’s a purpose to why choosing the ideal case and tracker supplier is important. It’s that you will essentially be building a business partnership with them, and for the long run. This step isn’t merely about the acquisition of quality packers. It’s what you can regularly go back to the same supplier for inquiries and for general maintenance. 

They have professionals who are experienced and knowledgeable in troubleshooting challenges that your case packer may come across. What’s more, you will have options to set up schedules for check-ups and maintenance of said machines on a regular basis. 

2. Preventive Maintenance 

Another avenue wherein the aid of your supplier here is valuable— formulating a preventive maintenance plan. A preventive maintenance plan is a schematic that aims to counter possible problems that your case and tray packers may encounter. 

Note that wear and tear is natural for any kind of machine. Hence, having a well-constructed plan of action for this will not only lengthen the date of minimum durability of your machines. They can save you from spending thousands of dollars on heftily priced repairs or parts replacement. 

3. Stocking On Machine Parts 

Storing machine spare parts should be considered a regular and separate business investment. Though having your supplier on speed-dial is a must, shipping may take time, and is often out of their hands. 

Out-of-stock parts will mean you having to wait for an even lengthier period of time before being able to place an order. The list goes on. 

Parts-stocking is especially recommended for instruments that are considered “high-wear”. Having said that, thinking ahead with stocking up on mid-wears will still be an advantage.

4. Tune-Ups And Upgrades

Waiting for machines to breakdown before having them checked for tune-ups will end up costing you much more than periodic upgrades through your case and tray packer supplier. 

Some of these measures comprise, but are not limited to, device and parts inspection, lubrication and/or oiling (if applicable), etc.

How To Choose The Best Case Packers

Detailed Requirements 

In the event that you and your team are unsure of what specificities your business operations call for with regards to choosing the ideal case packers, contact your supplier. The apparatus’s performance should match business needs. It should also be compatible with the environment it will be positioned in. 

Parts Accessibility 

If the case packer will be put to use on a near hour-by-hour basis and continually every week, parts upgrading and replacement will be at the offing. For this reason, ask your supplier about packers that have parts which are easily accessible. 

In doing so, you will elude the problem of delays in production (and eventually, distribution) due to the unavailability of your packer’s working parts. 


The ideal supplier offers clients with machine warranties in the event of malfunctions. The span of each warranty per machine will depend on the terms and conditions set by suppliers. Be that as it may, it’s a great add-on as it implies you being able to have the machine and its parts therein repaired or replaced (as needed) at no cost, and within the limits of the warranty’s duration. 

Warranties also serve as guarantees that match the level of quality a tray packer has. It should be in good working condition and overall make. It’s a means of showing customers that it has no defects. And that should any parts-failure take place, the supplier will take it upon themselves to shoulder this as bound by their warranty clauses. Plus, it reflects customer service, too! But more on this below.


Pricing should never be overlooked when computing business expenditures. It may be unwise to go over-budget just to get the most recently rolled out packing machine to date. Your supplier can be of great assistance against this backdrop. 

Once they are able to evaluate operational requirements, they can come up with a budgeting plan where you can meet them halfway in terms of estimations. And “estimations” here isn’t limited to the machine’s tag alone. This refers to costs you have to pay for upfront with respect to regular monitoring and maintenance, repairs, parts replacement, machine trade-ups, upgrades, etc. 

The best suppliers will be straightforward with how much they charge clients, with the inclusion of service fees, transportation fees, hourly rates, and the like. 

Customer Service 

You can instantly gauge the kind of customer service a supplier banners by how they treat customers at the onset. Even the manner in which they communicate with you, and the timeliness of communication, is part and parcel of customer service. 

Why is this vital? You will be seeking their help and support for machinery needs for an extended period of time. In fact, there are companies that stay with the same supplier from day one and forward. Outstanding customer service will make transactions with them very seamless and convenient. 

Benefits Of A Case And Tray Packer

Optimal Productivity Through Automation

One of the most evident advantages of installing case packers in your enterprise’s area of operations is “optimal productivity”. Manually organizing, packing, and wrapping can be replaced with a machine that can do the same work N times faster. 

Whether small-fish or big-time enterprises for commodities-production, work operations efficiency is a key player for a higher business growth. 

Decrease Overall Expenditures 

Count optimal productivity in and alongside reducing overall expenditures and related costs. Case packers can eradicate labor overflows and complex procedures, and they will, ultimately, increase production. 

Add these together and your company will be seeing decreased costs for this part of your business operations. To further this, it can bring about higher sales not simply with more goods being packed and shipped to your customers. It’s that timeliness spells customer satisfaction. And customer satisfaction redowns to customer loyalty and the potential of gaining more clients. 

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