Different Types of Baby Cot Options That You Should Explore

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If you are expecting the birth of a little one, congratulations! There are a lot of preparations that you have to make to prepare for the birth of your little bundle of joy. One of the primary considerations that you have to make is regarding the baby cot that you get for your nursery. As it is the central piece in the nursery, you have to make a great choice. Here are some of the different types you should explore.

1. Standard Crib:

The standard crib is the most basic design of baby cot available in the market. A standard baby cot is large enough to fit a standard baby mattress available in most bedding and upholstery stores. A standard baby cot might not be exciting or fancy, but it is dependable and safe. Safety is a very important factor.

2. Convertible Crib:

It is also a good idea to look into some modern convertible cots, which are cribs that have been designed to have multiple functions. If you are currently living in a space that is tight, then a convertible crib is going to be a very economical and sensible option. These cribs easily upgrade to toddler beds also.

3. Mini Crib:

The mini crib or baby cot is good for parents who have a small living space. It is also the perfect choice for parents who want to be able to travel with the crib. If portability is a big deal to you, then you should definitely go for the mini crib. It is much easier to store.

4. Portable Crib:

If portability is the biggest concern you have while looking for baby cots and cribs, then you should definitely get a crib that is light and also easy to transport. It can be packed up and moved about very easily. These cribs are usually fitted with wheels so you can easily take them from room to room.

5. Combo Crib:

If you want a compact and multipurpose product that will be well worth the cost, then you should look into combo cribs. They come with a changing station and drawers where you can store diapers, towels, baby clothes, etc. It is something that will make life very easy and convenient for new parents struggling with their kids.

6. Canopy Crib:

If you want to decorate your baby’s nursery in a dreamy and fun way, then you should get a canopy crib. This kind of crib will let you hang dreamcatchers, dangling toys, and many other things. The fabric for these beds are specially made and your little one is going to have a safe nap in it.

These are basically the various types of baby cots that you can find in the market. There are also some variations in the design of these products, such as contemporary, classic, modern, and more. You should do some in-depth research of all of the available products before you make a purchase. As parents, you want nothing but the best baby cot for your little one.

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