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Real estate agents rely on technology to sell homes. They create 3D tours for clients and use apps to schedule showings and provide feedback. Therefore, it makes sense that agents would look for high-tech resources when working with various partners and vendors. UpNest promises just that. 

UpNest is a digital referral engine that pairs Realtors with qualified leads. The company carefully vets which Realtors it adds to its system and provides three to five options for most buyers or sellers. This makes it easier for potential clients to find Realtors, while agents can grow their lead generation efforts. 

Most agents will use the UpNest app to communicate with potential leads, as opposed to just using the online portal via desktop. Hear what various Realtors have to say about the app and how they use it.  

Leads Aren’t Overwhelmed By Agent Responses

One of the main benefits for agents using the UpNest app is the exclusivity of the recommendations. The UpNest system evaluates the needs of the client and then compares their needs against the expertise of Realtors across the area. This means if there are 15 Realtors in your area who are registered through UpNest, the app will only show two or three who can effectively help that client. 

“I have been an UpNest referral agent for several years,” says a user by the name of Stieg Strand. “I like a number of their features, but one of my favorites is that they limit the number of agents who receive a lead’s contact information. So the lead feels a little less ‘overwhelmed’ which is hard to do in this sort of medium. The agent profiles are also high quality and easy to edit.”

If a buyer or seller wanted to review dozens of Realtor profiles, they could easily complete a Google Search and read reviews. UpNest curates the Realtor options for the client, which means they only have to review a few profiles and can feel confident knowing they are considering the best options for their needs. 

The App Has an Intuitive Design

In order for a service to be useful, the app itself has to be reliable and easy to understand. If the app keeps crashing or lacks certain key features, then many users will opt to access the portal via desktop or won’t use the service at all. This is why UpNest invests carefully in the developers it chooses. The company knows that prioritizing design and key updates is essential to help agents generate leads. 

“UpNest just keeps pushing forward with easier ways to connect agents to potential clients,” says a user called Realtor Cameron. “The app is easy to use and provide updates to referrals.”

By creating an intuitive interface, real estate agents don’t have to spend time trying to figure out the system. They can easily navigate the different tabs to both accept new leads and manage existing ones. 

UpNest is Capable of Handling Multiple Markets

One issue that many real estate agents have is supporting multiple markets. They might operate from multiple offices throughout the week or travel to different parts of the country during the year. Even agents that operate in the same area might have different marketing strategies that change from one town to the next. When this happens, these agents need support. The UpNest app is able to scale out the accounts of agents to meet their needs.  

“So far most of my experience has been thru the app,” says user Iron Behemoth. “[It] runs well and well designed. I’ve also been very happy with customer service, they were responsive and helpful about having profiles in two different markets.” 

Not only is the app itself intuitive, but there are valuable customer service representatives that are made to help Realtors. If you have a unique problem, the UpNest team is here to guide you to a solution. If they have never seen your problem before, they will create a solution and apply it to future agents. 

Realtors Use UpNest Through the Closing Process

Not only is UpNest a useful tool when generating leads, but it’s something a Realtor can continue to rely on through the closing process. Agents can continue to send documents and communicate with customers as they look for homes, go through showings, and eventually close. 

“It’s very convenient & makes the process from submitting to uploading closing docs even easier!!” another user says. 

This is the key difference between UpNest and a traditional recommendation engine. Instead of receiving leads and moving to a new platform for communication, Realtors can continue to use UpNest as they need to. Even after a deal is closed, an agent can see how much they have earned in commissions and how the UpNest app has helped them increase their client base. 

There’s A Great Company Behind a Strong App

Many of the Realtors who work with UpNest continue to use their services for several months. This is a useful marketing tool for agents who don’t want to juggle multiple advertising strategies and don’t have a set promotions budget. Agents only pay when they close a sale, which means they will never lack the funds to work with UpNest. By having a strong company behind the app, UpNest continues to be a strong tool for agents. 

“Upnest is a great referral system,” says user jwharvey06. “They are professional and always gain the trust of the consumers.” 

UpNest was built with agents in mind, and the company continues to make adjustments based on feedback from users. The more agents talk about what they need from the company and the app, the better it gets. 

Turn to an App That Other Realtors Trust

When you choose UpNest, you aren’t trying a new system that other real estate agents are unsure of. The company has a proven track record of helping agents grow their businesses and generate more leads. They focus on the quality of the agents and strive to pair the right clients with the expertise of real estate professionals. 

Try the UpNest for Agents app today and see how you can grow your leads and move your real estate career forward. 

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