The Future of Utopia Ecosystem

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Before I dabble into the future of Utopia ecosystem, let me quickly explain to you what Utopia is in few lines.

The term Utopia is a Greek word which refers to “an imagined place or state of things in which everything is perfect”. While ecosystem is an environment in which organisms/bodies interact and function with respect to their physical surroundings.

Before explaining how these terms can be related in the digital world, we should ponder upon,

-Is our privacy really secure on the web?

-Is our entire activity on the internet under surveillance?

Necessity of Utopia Ecosystem

Today, we live in a world where almost every individual is using the internet for various purposes such as official work, to interact with each other on social media, E-mail communication or other media transmission mediums under the umbrella of the internet. Everything became pretty easy and effortless. However, there is a dark side of it as well.

When we search anything on the web, or communicate with each other through various internet supported devices, that information initially goes to the central server, which further sends our search request or info to the other computers or devices, and the response bounces back through the same channel to us on the device we initially made the first search request.

That’s how the internet pretty much works right? Or at least that’s how it should.

However, the central server which acts as a medium of sharing information on the web in between two systems or devices, is capable of identifying our identity through the IP address of our internet connection router and can store our personal information as well. Which of course is a major privacy concern for the internet users.

We often hear news about cyber crimes, cybersecurity breaches, leakage of personal information of individuals over the internet and on the news. This is because there is always a third party (server) in between two systems which is capable of storing info or the connection between two peers is not secure enough to be invulnerable to the hackers.

What is Utopia Ecosystem?

The term Utopia Ecosystem refers to a perfect digital networking environment which is end to end fully secured and protected.

Utopia is a self-governed, breakthrough decentralized network or platform, with no central server involved in data transmission or storage. It uses P2P (Peer to Peer) technology which makes Utopia voice, text and media transmission the most secure network system on the planet, where the communication between two users is end to end encrypted.

Utopia is not your ordinary software rather it is something unique and disruptive in the status quo we currently have in the ‘Tech Front’.

Utopia allows its users to send and receive instant text messages, transfer files, create various group chats, create channels which of course are protected from third parties of any sort.

Challenges to Utopia Ecosystem

Every new project is met with criticism and Utopia faced the same brunt, this project being something unique was criticised and many technology enthusiasts covered the topic along with some valid queries which were promptly answered by the team. Utopia ecosystem is evolving and it needs to evolve further so that users can take the full benefit. Some of the game-changing features which can greatly impact the future of Utopia are discussed below.

CRYPTON – Utopia’s Cryptocurrency

Apart from the communication facilities, Users can even make or accept payments, create vouchers and credit cards denominated in Utopia’s own decentralized mineable cryptocurrency called Crypton(CRP) through its wallet app called wallet.

The best part is, while you are using Utopia, you will be earning cryptons through a process which is called Mining, which does not slow down your device. It is basically the reward which Utopia gives to its users who support this ecosystem. Time spent online on Utopia is directly proportional to the reward which users receive in the form of cryptons. Users are rewarded every 15 minutes for staying online. How satisfying it is that you are using the software and earning simultaneously. But to become a streamline software, Utopia should build/introduce a decentralized exchange in order to enlist its cryptocurrencyCrypton (CRP) on various exchanges so that more people can join in and make use of it.

Utopia Mobile (Lite)

As the evolution of technology has shifted from huge room sized computers to as small as palm sized smartphone devices. Every individual today is using smartphones with various apps installed in it. However, at this particular moment, only desktop versions of Utopia are available for Microsoft Windows and Linux.Moreover, mobile applications for iOS& android are currently in development and shall be released in 2020. We need utopia mobile version to be streamlined and it can be a light version of utopia client which might allow users to access the functions of the ecosystem without the mining part so that Utopia becomes ‘mobile’.

Trust Utopia Ecosystem

A true decentralized P2P ecosystem where no third party software is involved, all the necessary tools are available within the Utopia ecosystem. No one can collect its user’s data such as E-mails, Instant chat messages, IP address or Geolocation.

Security professionals raise a question that as Utopia is closed source many people raise queries that how can one trust Utopia?  A valid question, while it was addressed by the team even during their beta release. The team plans to get a 3rd party code audit from a legit digital code auditing service so that the code which Utopia wants to stay protected can stay hidden while it is reviewed by professionals for anything malicious.


I am impressed by Utopia ecosystem and we should let such systems mature so that they can reach their true potential because I truly believe we need a system where our privacy and our data can stay truly ours, a system where my messages are delivered and read by the recipient I intend sending too, a system where my identity stays private as long as I want it. As of now the internet is changing into a place where our identity and our privacy is sold to make other companies profit, profits are done by selling us off.

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