Big Companies Worldwide Believe in the Solidity and Value of Bitcoin

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It is very common for large companies to take a position in an increasingly consolidated asset, this year betting on bitcoin, and the reason why they are doing this is that bitcoin is presenting an investment alternative that is de-leveraging the performance of the countries of the economy and companies and then it is emerging as a gold 2.0,

If you like, gold that has all the peculiarities and all the attributes that made gold become the world’s preferred store of value, known in its times as the gold fever, with hundreds of thousands of metal seekers around. Mid-nineteenth century, today miners look for digital gold on their computers under the magnifying glass of cryptocurrency, this gold does not have the disadvantages of materiality in this sense bitcoin is scarce, the difference is that it is transferable between people without intermediaries, it is can safeguard without the need for a physical vault, this trend is expected to continue. Bitcoin went from being a niche technology to being a massive technology. You can click on the official website of ethereum code to learn more about bitcoin trading.

Being super optimistic about the near future of bitcoin, however, it is very important to emphasize a thousand times that nobody can assure what the market price will be tomorrow or in a few months, what can be observed and analyzed is the trend that the market is having, the trend that the consumption of this cryptocurrency is having, and the most extraordinary thing is to analyze and highlight who is buying ? not only people but also large companies, investment professionals of institutions, who are taking positions long term. It means that we will have a splendid outlook relative to bitcoin in 2022.

What big companies have bought bitcoin? Santander, bbva, telef√≥nica, Repsol, Inditex, others who are buying cryptocurrencies are confirmation, an alpha bit., alphabet coin fund, auryn capital, bkcm digital asset fund., black moon crypto, Bletchley park asset management., block view capital. Every day a growing number of companies are added that do the same, JPMorgan and Morgan Stanley do not lose track of bitcoin all the big names on wall street that have already bet on cryptocurrencies. JPMorgan believes that the demand for bitcoin will grow so much that the wall street giant “will have to participate.”

The oldest bank in the United States will soon allow cryptocurrencies to be treated in the same way as other investment assets in its system. Mastercard supports selected cryptocurrencies and will allow its customers to use it on its network within a few months hoping to prepare for the future of crypto and payments.

The investments in bitcoin of tesla and MicroStrategy and squaren generate savings of more than 3.500 million dollars, MicroStrategy was not only the first company that stood out as the firm with the most reserves of btc in the long term followed by tesla, galaxy digital, and square they are ranking second in institutional investments.

Will you have any idea what gives value to bitcoin? Supply and demand are some of the factors that influence the price, and then it could be the cost of the mining process, also the power of other cryptocurrencies, exchanges, and internal regulations. One of the reasons that bitcoin has been successful, he notes, is that it “fed on an anarchist narrative, that government is unnecessary and untrustworthy.”

If you had bought a bitcoin 10 years ago, the digital currency, which is booming these days, at 5 dollars that it cost at that time, today you would have something like $ 67,000, a crazy truth, a great investment, is one of the more volatile assets than has been recorded so far in history the bitcoin boom. For what is this? With the growing interest on the part of investors and people to buy bitcoin, with the integration of PayPal they will place the cryptocurrency within the reach of the masses.

I foresee for the future that the next generations of companies will act more like investors and have cryptocurrencies on their balance sheets, but it will depend on the user experience.

According to BBC nws, in the United States, Singapore, Hong Kong, and Canada, the authorities warn investors of the high risk they assume, when investing in cryptos, critics assume that the fundamental problem of digital currencies is lack of official support, which makes them much less reliable than currencies such as the dollar, the yuan or the euro.

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