How To Plan a Fabulous Virtual Bachelorette Party

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Most events have had to transit into the virtual world of late, and bachelorettes have not been left behind. While planning a virtual Bachelorette party might seem out of this world, it is not only possible, it can be fun. When you consider things like sending some of the best wedding subscription boxes to your girls or creating your individual drinks for the party, things can begin to look up. 

You will be surprised at how many bachelorette party ideas during covid are available for your use. Hosting a virtual bachelorette is akin to hosting a virtual wedding, only more fun. So, don’t sulk or feel that a digital party is the end of all fun. In replicating online what you might do in real-time, you can have the best party of all. Scroll down for more. 

  1. Bridal Boxes

If you are the MoH planning the virtual bachelorette party for your bestie, one great idea would be to order a bride subscription box as a first step. These wedding subscription boxes are often customized to provide the bride with vital and luxury items from the wedding planning stage, all through to the wedding and honeymoon. The Miss to Mrs bridal box, in particular, has so much that your bride will need, including fun banners, décor and gift items that would be ideal for the hottest bachelorette party. You can even personalize your bride box with fun bachelorette games online. With a well-curated bridal box subscription, you would be halfway through your planning. 

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  1. Set up Instant Communication Channels

Communication is very important, especially when executing an online event. So, setting up a group chat so everyone is kept up to date on developments, is key. Decide on a messaging app that everyone uses regularly, and send updates as they u fold. This will even take pressure off the organizer, and everyone gets to pitch in. This also automatically removes the need for online bachelorette invitations. Anyone added to the group is automatically invited. 

  1. Choose a Theme

One genius virtual bachelorette party idea is to go with a theme. A unique theme will definitely add a lot of fun and color to your online soiree. Pick something the bride would enjoy. It could be her favorite movie, color, food, or even a trend. The theme would decide your décor, attires, the food, drink and props. If your attires and the décor can be custom made and shipped to everyone on time, then, perfect. 

  1. Decide on an MC

Planning a bachelorette party doesn’t necessarily mean that you are a speaker. If as MoH, you are not very comfortable speaking, then it would be a great idea to designate one from among the other bridesmaids. This should be someone that can host the affair online and ensure that everything goes smoothly. You can also create an itinerary of events as well as the link to the party and send to the designated MC, and everyone else attending, so everyone knows exactly how the party would play out. 

  1. Consider the Decor

You don’t have to go slim on the decorations just because this is an online event. Your bride deserves all the fun at this point in time, and she’s going to get it. Order a balloon installation for her ceiling or an arch for her doorway. Employ an event planner or enlist the help of s close family member to decorate the room that she will use. Bridesmaids can also be sent DIY decoration kits, to join in the fun.

  1. Consider the Bride’s Palate

When planning the catering, consider any dietary needs your bride or member of the bridal party might have. After a choice of menu bas been made for a culinary theme, make sure that the bride knows what she will be having. You can have these delivered to her in time for the party. It would also be a good idea for everyone to receive the same menu. A fun zoom bachelorette activity would be to create a custom signature cocktail together online and name it after the bride. 

  1. DIY a Collective Gift

It could be a video with heartfelt messages from each member of the group or a video of your last time all together. You could also create a reel from pictures of her and her partner with a cool soundtrack, creating a story from the time that they met up until their engagement. It could even be a cookbook with recipes that she really loves. Whatever you choose, a gift from all of you would be the highlight of the virtual bachelorette party, and without a doubt, something to remember forever. 

  1. Virtual Bachelorette Party Games

Don’t forget activities and entertainment. Almost every activity you can have in a traditional bachelorette party can also be had at an online event. With a little tweaking, no one would need to ask, how to have a virtual party, it would just flow. Have an epic game night with truth or dare drinking games, lip sync battles, or even remote tarot reading. A digital party does not equal boring. 

The fact that you are having a virtual Bachelorette party does not throw the fun out of the window. There are lots of bachelorette party ideas during Covid that are creative and will absolutely bring home the fun. With a bit more planning and personalizing the party to your tastes, your girls and the bride can have the best time of your lives, albeit virtually. 

Author: Valeriya Istomina is a Wedding Forward expert on wedding budgets, etiquettes, ceremonies, and music. If you need tips for wedding planning, she will guide you all the way. She collects analytics and surveys, talks to experts; creates checklists, templates, and gives her take on wedding planning. Her other passions are yoga, photography, and reading.

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