Ways to spend time on the internet

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Spending hours and hours on the internet is probably nothing new to you. Every five minutes, you might be checking your social media as well as shopping on Amazon. Maybe you are entranced by YouTube’s current trend of viral dog videos. The internet is filled with ways to waste time, which is exactly why it has a bad reputation.

Here are some tips on being productive online in this article. However, before that, do you have a reliable internet connection? If not, is an option. The speeds are pretty good and they have some amazing deals and offers to consider. The best part is that it does not come with any data cap so you can spend unlimited time on the internet. 

The internet keeps us from being productive and excessive screen time can damage our children’s brains, a number of studies have shown over the last decade. The internet is portrayed as an unhealthy waste of time in these studies, but that does not have to be the case.

The internet is a great resource for information and a time-waster as well. Using it correctly can be very beneficial. After work, it’s perfectly fine to de-stress, but instead of watching cats disrepute their owners for an hour or two on YouTube. You can watch mindless videos for 15 minutes, then spend 50 minutes doing one of these things:

Increase Your Vocabulary 

You can learn new words by visiting websites such as Enhance My Vocabulary and Vocabulary. Even if you are not a writer, increasing your vocabulary can be helpful in many situations. You will look smarter in front of your superior and contribute more to world conversations when it is incorporated into resumes, proposals, and business reports.

Get Organized

You can take advantage of this exciting new technology while organizing your virtual life on this exciting new platform. The cloud is the future these days, and you can take advantage of it.

Organize and delete files from your laptop while moving them to your cloud storage solution, whether that is DropBox, Google Drive, or another service. By doing this, your hard drive will speed up and you will feel a little better about how everything is going.

Keep abreast of current events

Consider signing up for a favorite news source now if you have not done so already. Reading up on current stories, especially those that pertain to you or your profession, should take up some of your time every day. Find out what is going on in the world and in your community, too. You will be a more informed and intelligent citizen of the world if you are aware of global and local realities.

Connect with Others

Do not hesitate to reach out to those who can assist you in your career. Your LinkedIn profile needs to be updated, and you need to find people who are able to endorse your skills and help put you in contact with the right people.

Even though LinkedIn is a social network devoted to connecting professionals to one another, it is not the only one. You can also use Twitter and Facebook to connect with professionals who can help you promote yourself.

Find an App That Will Help

You cannot make your life easier if you do not know about the apps in the App Store. To help you de-stress, you should also look for productivity apps, health apps, and games. If you search carefully, you will find a vast array of useful applications.

Find a new passion 

Creative hobbies reduce stress and promote creativity. Think about your interests and research them. It might be your passion to build model cars, embroider, and refinish furniture, fish, or blog. If you want to hone your craft online, you can find resources to assist you.

Start Your Own Blog

You cannot only learn how to write and edit more effectively by blogging, but you can also earn some money. The web is full of free hosting services and content management systems that can be used to create a blog, so there is no reason not to start one.

Learn another Language

Planning an exotic vacation? Managing foreign clients? It is always a good idea to learn a new language. There are a number of free online resources that you can use to build cultural sensitivity, such as DuoLingo and Foreign Services Institute.


That is all for this article. We hope with these tips you can spend time on the internet in a productive way. You can also share your tips in the comments section below. We will get back to you soon. 

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