What Is A Bridal Set? How to Match Your Engagement and Wedding Rings

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Planning a wedding can be very exciting or stressful, depending on your outlook. It is best not to get caught up in every detail as you travel down the road to eternal happiness. Are there any big wedding planning items that you would need to cross off your list? You have likely thought about choosing the perfect wedding band to complete your bridal set. 

Here we will explain how to pick the ideal match for your engagement ring and the best way to wear the two rings together. 

What Is a Bridal Set? 

You may have heard the term bridal sets. It refers to engagement and wedding rings worn together as a set after one’s wedding date. It may be called a “wedding set.” Still, that term sometimes refers to your engagement and wedding rings as well as your partner’s wedding band, so make sure you and your jeweller use the same terminology when discussing these oft-interchangeable phrases. 

How Do Engagement Rings, Wedding Rings, and Bridal Sets Differ? 

A diamond or gemstone centre stone is typically (but not always) set in the engagement ring. Both members of the couple usually wear wedding rings, also known as wedding bands, and the style is typically more straightforward and more streamlined than that of the engagement ring. A wedding ring and an engagement ring paired together are considered one bridal set. 

Are You Wearing Your Engagement Ring and Wedding Ring at the Same Time? 

It is customary to wear your engagement ring from the moment your spouse proposes to you to the day you get married and beyond. You show the world the first tangible evidence which proves you have found the person you have chosen to spend the rest of your life with. The declaration demonstrates your commitment to the relationship. Wedding bands are added at the ceremony and are worn for life to symbolize an enduring bond.

Many people wear the two rings together as a bridal set from the ceremony onward, but there are different ways to wear them. Some brides prefer only the wedding band for everyday wear, saving the flashier engagement ring for special occasions. Others choose not to wear a wedding band at all. You can decide how to wear this deeply meaningful jewellery. 

Should You Wear Your Engagement Ring to Your Wedding? 

The chances are good you will want your engagement ring to be a part of your wedding, assuming it is a show-stopper and holds great sentimental value for you. Congratulations! That’s perfectly acceptable (it’s all YOUR day, after all). During a wedding ceremony, your engagement ring is typically placed on your right hand’s ring finger so that room is available for your wedding band on your left hand’s wedding ring finger. 

How Do You Prefer to Wear Your Wedding Ring? 

Many people wear their wedding ring closest to their hand after the wedding ceremony and their engagement ring above it. It is believed that it is best to keep the wedding ring is closest to the heart. In some cases, people simply wear their wedding rings on top of their engagement rings because they prefer the way that feels. As a reminder, a bridal set is a combination of an engagement ring and a wedding band typically worn by a woman. Weddings are becoming less traditional as brides embrace their uniqueness and become less beholden to tradition.

By choosing a double band ring as your wedding band, you will have at least three bands to choose from when designing the stack. Stacking wedding bands on either side of your engagement ring can also help give your stack a more symmetrical appearance. However, some brides opt for a wedding ring alone or an engagement ring only. You and your spouse can’t make each other less or more married based on a piece of jewellery. Marriage licenses perform that function. You have total control over the symbol of your partnership, whether you enjoy some nice bling or if too much sparkle just isn’t your thing. 

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