10 Easy Ways To Overcome Addiction

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 We will look at ways to overcome not only heavy addictions but also fairly simple ones. Simple addictions are highly destructive because they are not considered catastrophic. However, they take up valuable time, lead to stress, and ruin lives. 

How can you tell if you have any addiction? There is a very simple way to check this. If you stop doing something for one week, which you usually do, and it makes you want to satisfy that need, then you are addicted. This can be accompanied by apathy and frustration. This simple test will help you isolate all your dependencies and understand the scope of the problem.

This may shock you because such a list can contain several dozen dependencies that you did not even know about. Make a list and count the number. And also answer one more question: how strong are they? Below is a list of things you can do to overcome your addiction:

1- Family’s Support

The first thing a person should do after identifying and realizing that he or she has an addiction is, to share the problem with the family members. This would require a lot of courage, but the best help one can get in any problem is from their family members.

In return, the family should be supportive of such members, and instead of adding pressure should do things that can help and motivate such member. 

For example, if a husband is addicted to alcohol instead of taunting and blaming, the wife should ask a specialist about how to deal with an alcoholic husband, once she comes up with the solution, she should spend more time and give proper attention in such cases a person can use all the help she can get.

2- Overcome Emptiness

This is the very reason why many people become addicted to many things. People are afraid of being alone with themselves and not doing anything, not thinking about anything. If you are alone in a room, try doing nothing for ten minutes. You may feel the fear of emptiness, the fear that you are not busy with anything.

Addictions are a kind of distraction or escape from the fear of emptiness. If you’ve made your list, or at least roughly understood what your dependencies are, let’s see what that means.

Any addiction concerns the emotional and physiological components. Breaking deals with the physical condition of the body. And to ease these pangs of withdrawal, a person needs to do something, take action. He needs distractions to fill his inner fear of emptiness. It could be food or shopping, no matter what.

3- Exercise As Distraction

This can be your way to a new life, a life free from addiction, and a healthy lifestyle. Exercise can help to overcome addiction because it will keep your body and mind busy. It will contribute towards you feeling happy not only mentally but also physically.

Another advantage of exercising is its cost benefits to overcome addiction than other ways like rehab. But make sure that you do not overindulge yourself in it, and end up making another addiction for yourself to overcome.

4- Acquire New Hobbies

The reason for the addiction is that most people’s lives are empty. And these people run from this truth, trying to give it meaning with external things and short term pleasures. Useful things like reading books, painting can be used as an escape from addictions.

5- Meet New People

Meeting new people listening to their worries, sharing your experience can help an addict understand that he is not alone. This will help you understand that the world is filled with beautiful people with different thinking mechanisms, different personalities.

6- Meditate For Escaping Addiction

When meditating, you accept any of your thoughts, and simply observe them, do not condemn them. Meditation teaches mindfulness and is a great way to pay attention to everything you do. It takes you away from automatism and makes you realize what you are doing at a particular moment and why.

Remember that any addiction indicates emotional immaturity. Apply these tips in your life and very soon you will feel that you are happy without external stimulants.

7- Avoid Bad Company

To overcome any addiction the best way out is to pinpoint the root cause of addiction. To quit utilizing drugs, you won’t get any help from another addict. You need to surround yourself with individuals who care for their wellbeing and enjoy positivity. For example, working out, voyaging, eating well nourishments, journaling, and endeavoring to accomplish their fantasies. 

8- Divert Yourself 

Each addict will profit from a rundown of interruptions that will remove their brain from the tempting action or medication. 

The absolute best interruptions incorporate strolling your canine, playing computer games, visiting with companions, cleaning the house or your vehicle, pulling the weeds in your nursery, tuning in to music, or viewing your favorite television show. 

At the point when you occupy yourself for a few minutes or hours, the urge will go down continuously until you forget about it.

9- Offer Help To Others

A person learns new things only by exploring, and reading but also by teaching what they have learned themselves. This will not only bring internal satisfaction but will also boost your confidence.

10-  Do Nothing

Do nothing is not as odd as it may sound to you since you are an addict and continuously striving towards positivity and a better lifestyle. This can indeed be tiring and challenging, instead of remembering the pleasure of your addiction. It is better to stay put and take some rest for a change and do nothing.

Summing Up

A person draws his strength and confidence either from internal or external reserves. Of course, if there is an opportunity to draw them from the outside world, great. However, true self-development is within. Finding a balance is important and can help you lead an addiction-free life.

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