11 Black Bloggers in America

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Being a black blogger can be challenging. The biggest challenge today for many of us is being discovered. To help with the visibility of being a black blogger, we have created a list of bloggers to support.

These bloggers have been blogging for years in various niches such as marketing, technology, food, travel, and personal finance.

And we are here to help you with blogging as well, you can always check out more of our articles to learn how to start your own blog using WordPress.

Now, here are some of the black bloggers that we want to continue to support.

Business Bloggers

These business bloggers are educating people on money management and entrepreneurship. The blog Six Figure Chick is focused on teaching people how to make money, grow the brand, and create more content. The founder of this blog is a well-known strategist that knows business.

Marketing Bloggers

These marketing bloggers are educating people on how to market and scale their businesses. The blog and insanely successful podcast Side Hustle Pro is focused on providing information about side hustles and business marketing. Additionally, you’ll find great marketing tips and strategies from other black women entrepreneurs that have turned their side hustles into profitable businesses.

Fashion Bloggers

These fashion bloggers are educating people on fashion. Our first fashion blog is Color Me Courtney, this blog is focused on the power of bright colors. The blog is filled with posts that encourage women to love their differences and to dress outside the box. and dress outside the lines. Next we have High Fashion Living, a popular blog that offers many fashion tips and tricks for men. And we have popular blog niches like TrendyCurvy, this blog is focused on curvy women fashion. This blog features a plus-size model based in Los Angeles that has a mission to show the world about the beauty of curvy women that are fabulous and stylish.

Finance Bloggers

These financial bloggers are educating people on debt elimination and money growth. The blog Yes, I Am Cheap is focused on eliminating debt, smart investing, and growing your savings. The blog Sophisticated Spender is focused on retirement saving, financial planning, and better steps for planning for financial emergencies. The blog The Finance Bar is focused on educating people on finance with their years of resources. The owner is a Certified Financial Social Worker and knows how to make learning fun with their creative financial resources. And another favorite of ours is the blog The Budgetnista. The owner of this blog is an award-winning personal finance educator that is focused on financial budgeting, savings, banking, and some fun traveling.

Food Bloggers

These food bloggers are educating people interested in taking their cooking to the next level with their tasty recipes. The blog Jessica In The Kitchen is focused on a mission to provide delicious and simple recipes to people. With over 600 recipes, this blog is sure to have all the culinary tips and cooking tricks that you need to get started. We had to include The Kitchenista Diaries blog as it is filled with content teaching people how to make home-cooked meals to content exploring different cooking techniques that utilizes unique ingredients and techniques.

Tech Bloggers

These tech bloggers are educating people on finding the best tech gadgets and major tech bargains. First we have, Blackandise has created many articles helping others find simplified tech gadget reviews and top tech deals. Additionally, Blackandise has become a small black bloggers hub for connecting with other black and minority owned bloggers looking for ways to grow their blog. The blog Brotha Tech focuses on helping people discover the current tech news, tech reviews, and tech tips. And finally, we have the blog Small Biz Technology. This blog is focused on providing ways to save money, increase efficiency, and revenue for business revolving around tech.


For the full list of black bloggers, you’ll want to visit us at Blackandise. We wanted to give a shoutout to some of our favorite black bloggers doing amazing things online. Some of these bloggers are already successful while others are still in the growing stage but the one thing these bloggers have in common is that they are constantly creating great content for minorities looking for fresh content and stories of success.

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