Let’s Stay in Touch: 3 Ways to Connect with Customers in COVID-19

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According to the CDC, businesses must implement social distancing practices/policies in the workplace while COVID-19 is at large. Using technology to connect with your customers is the perfect way to say, “Let’s stay in touch.”

The “let’s stay in touch” meaning refers to inviting customers to connect with your business/brand. The goal is to establish and maintain contact with customers and interested individuals. During a pandemic, staying in touch is more important than ever.

Your business deserves to thrive, especially now. Keeping in touch with your customers ensures that you’ll remain on their minds and in their wallets as a result.

Here are three ways to connect with customers that say, “Let’s continue to stay in touch.”:

1. Email Updates and Newsletters

Email marketing helps you promote your products and services without being in a customer’s physical presence. Some might argue that being in someone’s inbox gives customers a direct connection to your brand via mobile devices and/or computers. Either way, it’s the most convenient way to express to customers, “Definitely, let’s stay in touch.”

Suppose you haven’t already started assembling a newsletter. Start doing it today. Encourage people to sign up for your newsletter via your website and social media. It enables your company to stay in touch with pre-existing and potential customers as well as new ones.

Every email on your newsletter is a qualified/warm lead, so use your emails wisely! Always include methods to contact your business in each email. It’ll encourage customers to contact you directly.

2. Telecommuting

Telecommunications also eliminate physical interaction from the business equation. Instead, business owners and workers rely on technology to interact with consumers via video and text chat. FaceTime and Zoom are the most well-known mediums for personal digital interaction.

For professional purposes, however, it’s better to hire a trustworthy digital wireless service to fulfill your telecommuting needs. You’ll find the best wireless package from a reputable telecommunications company through the link above.

Hosting virtual events empowers a business to interact with customers in a digital social setting. Virtual events are great for networking and making sales, which is why they’re great for communicating to customers, “Let’s continue to stay in touch!”

3. Automation

Automate as many business processes as you can. It’ll facilitate your consumer and business interactions more efficiently. For example, you could program a chatbot to answer customer service inquiries and connect you with consumers.

Preschedule your blog posts, social media posts, email updates, and more. It’ll give you a consistent content schedule, which will attract more attention and sales. Consistency improves brand recognition and brand recall, which will encourage customers to keep in touch with you.

Let’s Stay in Touch and Thrive as Much as Possible

Around 14% of American adults claim they’ve tested positive for COVID-19 or are “pretty sure” they have it. Thanks to technology, businesses and consumers can easily say to each other, “Let’s stay in touch!”

Remember: Coronavirus symptoms don’t appear immediately. That’s why it’s smart to minimize your physical contact with others as much as possible.

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