3 Ways to Unlock iPhone without Passcode

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There are times when you may get locked out of your iPhone. You may have forgotten the passcode or someone else may have changed it. In order to maintain passcode security, iPhone locks your phone if you enter the wrong passcode 10 times. You will receive a message to connect to iTunes and restore your phone. You never know when you could land up in such a situation and need our ultimate guide to reset iPhone without a password. 

Apple wants to protect your phone from unauthorised access. If you don’t remember the passcode, your iPhone can get disabled for a minute or for eternity. How do you crack this puzzle? We have listed five ultimate and legal ways to unlock your phone when you don’t remember the passcode. We will start with the best tool followed by other methods.

Way 1: How to Unlock Forgot iPhone Passcode – iMyFone LockWiper

Way 2: Unlock Forgot iPhone Passcode with iTunes

Way 3: Unlock Forgot iPhone Passcode with iCloud

Way 1: How to Unlock Forgot iPhone Passcode – iMyFone LockWiper

In this part, we are going to introduce you with a powerful lock removal tool that can perform miracles for you. To be straight forward, iMyFone LockWiper forgot iphone passcode how to unlock is one of the best tools for unlocking your iPhone. This tool will give you guaranteed results. There are no prerequisites for this method. It is a simple yet effective tool. It lets you bypass the iOS screen when you try to reset iPhone without password. Visit Starzsoft KeyPass for more details.

Even after the removal, you will be able to access all the iOS features. The device’s safety is one thing that always bothers every user because it’s hard to bypass it when you don’t know the password. With this tool, you can be assured that no matter what, you can unlock your iPhone easily. What’s more, this powerful tool also has Android version – LockWiper (Android) samsung unlock tool, which supports removing frp lock and locked screen from Android devices!


  • Easily enter into an iPhone that’s locked disabled or has a broken screen.
  • Reset locked iPhones within 4-digit password, 6-digit password, Face ID and Touch id.
  • Unlock Apple ID/iCloud account on any activated iPhone.
  • Support all iOS versions and latest models of iPhone, iPad and iPod touch, including iPad Pro, iPad Mini, iPad Air, iPad, etc.
  • It can easily bypass the screen time or restrictions type passcode.

Step-by-step Guide to Unlock Forgot iPhone Passcode Using iMyFone LockWiper:

Step 1: Download, install and launch iMyFone LockWiper on your PC.

Step 2: Click “Start” and connects your locked iPhone to your PC using Apple lightning cable.

Step 3: Click “Next” to continue if your locked iPhone is successfully connected to your computer.

Step 4: The software will also detect your iPhone model and iOS version automatically. Then you’ll confirm your iPhone device information. Click “Download” to download the firmware package.

Step 5: Wait a couple of minutes to download and verify the firmware package.

Step 6: When the method completes, click “Start to Extract” then double confirm start resetting your locked iPhone.

Step 7: it’ll finish within minutes. Just wait in patient until it’s done.

Way 2: Unlock Forgot iPhone Passcode with iTunes

Another way to reset an iPhone without a password is via iTunes. We never recommend this official method for the success rate of solving the issue. And they don’t guarantee you any data security, so you can lose all your data or some of them. Also for this method to work, your iPhone needs to be synced with the iTunes from before. For some reason if the iTunes that was synced before but now you can’t access it or  Still for learning purpose, here is how to use iTunes and unlock your iPhone –

Step 1: First you need to start iTunes on your computer where you have already synced your iPhone before. Then connect the iPhone to your computer using a USB cable.

Step 2: Now iTunes will automatically get synced with your device. If it doesn’t, just click on the “Sync” button below the program window. If iTunes asks your password, then try using the recovery mode or try syncing with another computer that you have synced with before.

Step 3: From the iTunes window, click on the iPhone icon from the top and then click on the “Restore Backup” button from the Backups part.

Step 3: Finally you need to choose the backup that you want to use for restoring your iPhone, then click on the “Restore” button.

Step 4: Now you need to follow through the process on your iPhone screen to finish the restoration process completely.

Way 3: Unlock Forgot iPhone Passcode with iCloud

You can also reset iPhone without password by using iCloud. It’s another official way to unlock forgotten iPhone passcode, but it doesn’t guarantee your data safety. So our best suggestion will always be to use the powerful tool chosen by us in this article. Still, for learning purpose or your satisfaction, here are the steps for you –

Step 1: Visit this webpage – using a browser from your computer and sign in to the website using your Apple ID and password.

Step 2: Next you need to click on the “Find iPhone” option. Then click on the “All Devices” from the top of the screen and choose the locked iPhone from the list of devices.

Step 3: Finally, click on the “Erase” button to reset your locked iPhone without password.

Step 4: Your iPhone will be remotely reset and totally wiped. Then you need to set it up from its factory state.


You don’t need to be worried if your iPhone is locked, as there are many ways to unlock the iPhone without a passcode. You can also refer to this guide to see how to reset the iPad without a password. Apple provides 3 entrances to reset a locked iPhone without a passcode. Since official methods may erase phone data, if you want to quickly reset the iPhone without a password, you can try iMyFone LockWiper. This tool promises a high unlock and reset rate of your iPhone. Moreover, the amazing software can also remove the previous Apple ID and let you log in with a new one. Go ahead and try it, your problem will be solved in minutes! For more Things check our new site concept seekers

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