4 Benefits Of Using Software Like ClickFunnels

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A sales funnel is going to be the glue that holds the majority of your online business together. Think otherwise? Then be sure to think again. After all, a sales funnel consists of many landing pages such as your squeeze page, sales letter, checkout page, upsell pages, download and membership pages, and don’t forget about webinars too.

That’s only part of the process as well, considering the fact that you’ll be sending emails to the subscribers that you collect from your lead generation pages. Without a sales funnel, trying to sell your products is going to be like fighting an uphill battle. It’s not recommended, and that’s why a sales funnel software like ClickFunnels is recommended for building your business and multiplying your sales.

The 4 Biggest Benefits Of ClickFunnels

There are quite a few sales funnel builders currently on the market, but one of the most popular tools would happen to be ClickFunnels. Created by Russell Brunson, this tool has changed the lives of thousands of marketers, allowing them to easily capture leads and make more sales.

So why is ClickFunnels so popular to begin with? Let’s take a look at four of the biggest benefits that come along with using this platform to create all of your landing pages and sales funnels.

1) Host All Of Your Landing Pages And Sales Funnels

This has to be one of the biggest reasons to use any type of sales funnel builder, but it’s even more true when it comes to ClickFunnels in particular. ClickFunnels allows you to build and create any type of sales funnel that you could ever dream of, and what’s even better is that you won’t need to get any type of hosting. If you want to add your very own domain name, you can actually get one domain free with any of the ClickFunnels plans.

The number of landing pages and sales funnels that you can use will also change along with the price that you pay for ClickFunnels. For example, paying $97 per month will get you 100 landing pages and 20 sales funnels. Paying $297 per month will get you an unlimited amount of both landing pages and sales funnels. The plan that you choose will ultimately depend on how much you’re willing to invest and where you currently are with your online business.

2) Host All Of Your Webinars With ClickFunnels

What made ClickFunnels so popular when they first launched the fact that they had every tool for your online business in one spot. This fact still remains true today, and what comes along with the tools is the ability to create webinars. You can create both automated and live webinars, and many customers love the ability to create evergreen and hands-free presentations.

Plus, you won’t have to research and find an alternative webinar platform. ClickFunnels offers all of the webinar landing pages as well as quite a few of the important bells and whistles that come along with webinars.

3) Sell Your Products With Their Shopping Cart

Marketing online used to be a big challenge before ClickFunnels came online. You had to create all of your landing pages separate, and either by coding them, using Html or maybe even WordPress. Once you figured that out, you’d have to connect them together in order to sell, which at the time, was mostly through PayPal.

With ClickFunnels, they have their very own shopping cart pages that you can create and connect with PayPal, Stripe, and a few more. This allows you to accept PayPal, which most people are familiar with, along with accepting credit cards with Stripe. Once again, this is yet another feature that comes with ClickFunnels, meaning that you won’t have to buy another shopping cart software. If you’ve seen the pricing of shopping cart software, then you’ll know that they can cost more than ClickFunnels all by itself. That brings us to the last big benefit.

4) You Can Save Money By Using ClickFunnels

You might be wondering how it’s possible to save money using a tool that costs $97 or $297 per month, but it’s certainly doable. If you look at the previous benefits of ClickFunnels, you’ll notice that they come with quite a few big benefits. Landing pages, sales funnels, webinars, shopping carts, and even more features that weren’t mentioned such as memberships, one-click upsell pages, and split-testing.

So if you happened to already be using many of these features, it means that you can cancel them seeing that ClickFunnels already has them. By this process alone, it will allow you to save money by combining many features into one as well as canceling other tools in the process. Here is some simple math.

A landing page builder can cost $49 per month, shopping cart software can cost $49 per month, and webinar software can be around $500 a year or much more depending on the features that you want. Just by canceling a few tools, it allows you to save money in the process while still being able to use them. So if you ever had any doubts about the ClickFunnels pricing, just keep in mind the amount of money that you can save as well as being able to make money by using the software.

So there you have it. Those are four of the biggest benefits that come along with using the ClickFunnels software to build and grow your online business. There are plenty more benefits, but I think the fact that ClickFunnels has grown to over 100,000 customers is more than enough proof that this company has done something special in the world of online marketing.

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