4 Tips to Choose a Gaming Mouse

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PC gaming has been around for decades. Every ardent gamer understands the importance of having the right hardware, and that includes the mouse. A gaming mouse is a critical component of every gamer’s setup. You may not be able to enjoy the gaming experience of playing with a regular mouse.

Aside from enhancing your gaming experience, the best gaming mouse can give you a competitive advantage over your opponent. Most gaming mice support both high CPI and DPI. They also have low latency compared to a regular mouse. Choosing a mouse can be overwhelming, given that they come in different sizes, shapes, qualities, and prices. On that note, here are four tips to help you choose a gaming mouse.

1. Prioritize Performance


The right gaming mouse must ultimately deliver great performance. When choosing a mouse, you should prioritize performance over RGB lights. Look out for the weight, the number of customizable buttons, and the mouse’s sensitivity. 

These factors play a critical role in the performance of a gaming mouse. Weight significantly impacts mobility and accuracy. The sensitivity is commonly known as DPI, and it affects your reaction speed. The number of programmable buttons generally limits binding options. Most FPS gamers, if not all, prefer a heavier mouse with few buttons to guarantee maximum aiming stability. In contrast, MMO gamers opt for lighting gaming mice with plenty of side buttons. 

2. Take Out a Warranty

Gaming mice are a significant investment considering the money spent to acquire them. That’s why you should choose a brand that provides a warranty. Fortunately, some notable brands offer exclusive warranties for their products. Warranties provide protection in the event of software glitches or faults. Keep in mind that warranties don’t cover everything. For example, they don’t cover negligence or carelessness. Many gamers situate their gaming setups in their basements. Leaking basements can significantly damage your gaming hardware.

If you have a wet basement problem or notice cracks in the foundation walls, consider waterproofing to mitigate damages to your hardware. You can also contact a professional to help out with basement waterproofing and foundation repair services. For example, a company like Premier Wall Anchor and Waterproofing offers basement repair in Stow, OH. So, if you live in the area, you can expect expert workmanship from them. They can help you handle your basement and foundation problems. Additionally, Premier helps Ohio homeowners with crawl space repair and concrete repair works.

3. Choose a Good Sensor

The days of mechanical mice are behind us; make no mistake. Thanks to technological advancements, gaming mice have significantly evolved to feature robust, innovative capabilities. Nowadays, laser mice and optical mice have become more prevalent. 

There’s no one-size-fits-all to choosing a sensor. Essentially, the best sensor depends on your personal preference. Nowadays, the dilemma most gamers face is between a laser or optical sensor. The price difference between the two types is minimal. The common belief among gamers is that optical sensors are better for gaming than laser sensors. Keep in mind that both types have their advantages and disadvantages. 

The significant difference between a laser mouse and an optical mouse is their illumination source. Gaming mice with optical sensors tend to perform because of improving reaction times and gaming experience.

4. Think About the Grip Style


Knowing your grip style plays an integral role in choosing a mouse. It’s commonplace to find gamers using the fingertip, palm, claw, or palm grip styles to enjoy their gaming experience. The grip style for every gamer is different. Your grip style is vital for determining the shape and weight of the gaming mouse that you find comfortable.

Try to determine how you grip your mouse when playing a game. Having a gaming mouse that suits your playing style and grip style can make a world of difference for your performance and comfort. 

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