4 Ways To Obtain More Legal Clients

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There is much competition among small law firms, but you can make your personal injury firm highly successful by sticking to our helpful marketing tips described below. 

Blog Often

Blogging is one of the best ways to position yourself as a thought leader in personal injury law. And, if you write highly informative and helpful content, it will boost your Google search rank, too. 

A successful criminal defense attorney recently told the Huffington Post that an excellent content strategy is vital to land new clients. People who have a pressing legal question go to Google on their smartphones for instant information. 

This is when having top-notch blog posts written about critical personal injury subjects will be invaluable. When your law firm regularly publishes blogs that answer essential legal questions – such as ‘how much can I get for my broken leg car accident case?’ – you’ll raise your Google profile. 

And, you will establish your law firm as a thought leader on these vital legal questions. 


When you read online about getting more customers or clients, a standard answer is ‘networking.’ But it has a specific meaning in the legal world. 

One of the most common mistakes lawyers make is not paying attention to every person they meet as a potential new client. Few people in the country over the age of 18 don’t have a legal issue they need to solve sooner or later. 

Some attorneys think they are good at setting up those they meet and determine if they could be a client someday. But, unfortunately, it’s easy to believe that the person collecting trash in your building could never be a future client. 

But what if the cleaning person’s brother went to Princeton Law School and is now lead counsel for a major pharmaceutical company in New Jersey? 

The point is, don’t make assumptions based on how a person looks or what their job is. You can be assured that most attorneys in your area are doing that. You can land more clients if you’re the lawyer who takes every person they meet seriously. 

Build An Online Reputation 

If you have a small law firm, get a website set up that is easy for you or an employee to update. Then, look around online and make a list of top law firms whose websites appeal to you. 

Then, begin writing a blog on your site and update it at least once per week. For instance, if your law firm focuses on tractor-trailer accidents, search online for the most critical questions people ask about these incidents. 

When you type ‘tractor-trailer accidents’ into Google, you will see the section ‘People Also Ask’ with such questions as ‘what are the most common causes of tractor-trailer accidents?’ and ‘which tractor-trailer firm has the most crashes?’. 

When you answer pressing consumer legal questions in your blogs, Google will take notice and begin to move your law firm higher in its rankings. 

Become A Thought Leader

Join local organizations where you think you can land future clients. For instance, you may want to become part of your local Chamber of Commerce group. Make it your goal to be a visible leader by attending every meeting and talking to people around you. 

However, you should ensure that the group you join isn’t full of attorneys trying to do the same thing you are. 

You have plenty of online competition for your law firm, but take action on the tips above, and you’ll soon have more clients than you can handle.

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