5 Best Completely Free Reverse Phone Number Lookup Sites

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The era of smartphones has brought various opportunities to users. But it has also brought various problems with it. One of these is calls from callers whose identity isn’t known to the user. There is a solution to this problem, and it is reverse phone lookup technology which can help in the identification of a caller. Many of us go for reverse phone number lookup sites, but there is a risk of being defrauded. It exposes the user to scams, adding to problems instead of solving them.

It is better to look for a reliable reverse phone lookup checker and utilize it. We have brought a list of some tools to the users that can reveal accurate data to the user. Here are some reliable websites that can help the user in identification of the caller while not posing any threats to the user’s online presence.

  1. NumLooker – a free reverse phone lookup checker that can be used to obtain the data of an unknown caller.
  2. USPhoneLookup – a database that can help unmask the identity of an unknown caller. 
  3. USPhoneSearch –  an online database that claims to bring information about a person in a speedy manner.
  4. CocoFinder – it has a strong algorithm that locates the details of the target phone number.
  5. TheNumberLookup – it is free to use website that doesn’t leave you worried about unknown phone numbers.


NumLooker is a free reverse phone lookup checker that can be used to obtain the data of an unknown caller. The mentioned website offers free-of-cost services, making sure that the users don’t have to pay enormous amounts. NumLooker makes sure that the search is confidential and that no third party is aware of the searches. Furthermore, the data provided by this website is accurate and reliable.

It uses various tools for looking up a number. These include public records search, people search, background check, address lookup, email lookup, etc. Thus, a user is able to track the complete data of the caller within minutes. The user needs to enter the phone number in the search bar and click ‘search now.’ They will get the available information that has been stored on the online database of NumLooker.

Once the user searches for the phone number, the results display significant information. The information can include a person’s name, age, social media account, city, state, area code, etc. This website can be a good solution to identify spam numbers without letting them ruin one’s peace.


  • Reliable results
  • Doesn’t take much time to fetch results
  • Cooperative customer service
  • Pricing plan for further services


  • Requires a fee to download the report

Visite NumLooker Website For Free Reverse Phone Number Lookup


USPhoneLookup is another database that can help unmask the identity of an unknown caller. The UI of this reverse phone lookup website is simple and intuitive. The users won’t need the expertise to use this website. The process of search is simple as there is a search bar that will assist the user. The user needs to input a phone number and click the ‘start search’ option.


  • Simple and easy to use
  • Gives info about social media handles associated with phone number
  • Helps manage online profile for the user
  • Can help in getting the phone history of one’s child
  • Helps prevent cyber trafficking


  • Controversy regarding privacy issues

Visit USPhoneLookup Website For Authentic Results


USPhoneSearch is an online database that claims to bring information about a person in a speedy manner. It can provide information about an individual, company, or any organization with a reverse phone checkup. The data sources for USPhoneSearch include public records, messenger apps, social media, etc. The mentioned sources will help identify a potential spammer or an unknown caller without any trouble.

In addition to the basic information, this website helps provide some additional info. This includes contact info like location details, family members’ info, the current location of family members, etc. Moreover, social media profiles, dating profiles, and criminal records are also displayed, if there are any.


  • Detailed information on the phone number
  • Age and gender information
  • Email addresses and other phone numbers
  • Efficient results
  • Downloadable report of the phone number


  • Privacy issues for users because of the complete information

Visit USPhoneSearch Website To Find The Unknown Number


CocoFinder is another worthy addition to reverse phone lookup websites. It has a strong algorithm that locates the details of the target phone number. In addition to finding the details of a phone number, it can help in address lookup, background check, people search, etc. Though not much different from the rest of the mentioned websites, CocoFinder can help track various aspects of information.

It can help locate details of a person that might not be stored on other reverse phone lookup sites. Some of its features include free access to the caller’s identity, address, acquaintances, alternate phone numbers, email addresses, social media handles, etc.


  • Utilizes VOIP service
  • Obtains info from directories, public records
  • Integrated database providing consolidated info
  • Safe to use


  • Ads and promotions

Visit CocoFinder Website For Free Reverse Phone Lookup


If the users are looking for the simplest possible and confidential website, they can utilize TheNumberLookup. It is free to use website that doesn’t leave you worried about unknown phone numbers. Instead, it satiates the curiosity by providing information about the caller. The instant identification of the caller helps keep the user away from trouble.

The main pro of this website is its strong algorithm that makes cross searches to get instant information. The data is fetched keeping in view the security of the user. The mentioned website guarantees the confidentiality of the information entered using top-notch security tools.


  • Detailed information
  • Use of different algorithms
  • Instant service
  • Completely free of charge


  • The website contains third-party links

Visit TheNumberLookup Website Now

What Information Can You Find from a Phone Number Search?

As mentioned above, phone number search databases are useful in multiple ways. These websites help track details of unknown numbers by disclosing their identity. Spam callers create panic through repeated calls or texts, so a reverse phone number lookup can help.

Furthermore, these websites can also help locate the details of a long-lost friend. Often we are not in touch with acquaintances, family members, or friends for a while. These websites can help identify them and revive the contact. Some of the basic information that these websites provide includes the following.

  • Detailed information about the identity
  • Address of the caller
  • Details of contacts of the caller
  • Alternate phone numbers of the caller
  • Email addresses and social media handles
  • Dating accounts of the caller
  • Photos and other basic information

Though the information provided is not limited to these, it doesn’t necessarily include all mentioned.


Reverse phone number lookup is an easy method to identify unknown callers. It can also be used to track information about a specific person or a company. There are various websites that provide reliable information. They have data stored in their databases which has been collected from public records and directories. It can help connect a person with acquaintances, get rid of spam calls, or track a criminal.

We have listed various websites that can help in reverse phone number lookup. They are completely free to use and don’t charge a penny for searches. Readers can visit these websites to better understand their services. 

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