5 Best Mobile Plans for the Family This Winter

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With winter coming up fast, you might be thinking about switching your family’s mobile plan for a better deal in terms of data, cost, or something else. That’s a great idea, but you need to know which mobile plans for the family are worth your time and money.

Fortunately, you don’t have to do a ton of research yourself. Instead, you can simply read this breakdown of five excellent mobile plans for the family and switch all of your phone plans before Christmas rolls around.

RedPocket Family Plan

First up is the RedPocket Family Plan, a super affordable plan at just $20 per line. When you sign up for this plan, you’ll get unlimited data, talk, and text +10 GB of hotspot data at high speeds. In other words, this mobile plan has everything you and your family members need to communicate regularly, watch your favorite streaming shows, and much more.

That’s not all the RedPocket Family Plan has to offer. In addition, this plan provides free international calling and texting all around the world: perfect for sending holiday greetings to your relatives in Europe, Canada, Mexico, or beyond.

In addition, you’ll benefit from fast 5G speeds on both the GSMA and GSMT networks. With more networks on the horizon from RedPocket, it’s clear that this is a phenomenal choice in terms of value for money. It’s a 100% risk-free guarantee; out of all mobile plans, RedPocket’s Family Plan is arguably the best of the best.

Mint Mobile Modern Family Plan

Mint Mobile’s Modern Family Plan is also highly affordable and excellent for winter shoppers on a budget. Specifically, you can get this mobile plan for just $30 per line. You can mix and match any of the four available data packages from Mint, thus allowing you to make a mobile data plan that works perfectly for your family.

On top of that, the plan works with up to five additional lines added to your account. You only have to pay for what each person needs; this customization is the Mint plan’s overall strength, as it’s perfect for families whose teenagers use more mobile data than their parents or vice versa.

T-Mobile Magenta MAX Plan

T-Mobile isn’t outdone by the above plans, either. Its Magenta MAX plan is a fantastic offer through and through, at $43 per line and with up to four lines available. This is arguably the best premium mobile family plan overall, and it’s great if your family as a unit uses a ton of mobile data or if you do a lot of international traveling.

You get unlimited calling to and from Canada and Mexico, as well as 5 GB of high-speed data no matter where you are. Unlimited texting, talking, and data are available in over 210 countries, plus you get unlimited Wi-Fi for any US-based flight thanks to an exclusive deal with Gogo. Add to that free Netflix for all plans and it’s clear that this is a perk-packed mobile phone plan.

You won’t run into any slowdowns with this mobile phone plan, and you get 5G access from the get-go. Of course, it is a little more expensive than other mobile phone plans on the market.

Simple Mobile Unlimited Family Plan

Simple’s Mobile Unlimited Family Plan is $37.50 per line. On the downside, you can only have two lines with this phone plan, so it’s only appropriate for smaller families. The total is $75 per month for both lines, though, so it’s very affordable relative to the competition.

Simple Mobile operates on the T-Mobile 4G LTE network, so fast download speeds and extra data are at your fingertips all the while. You can get another 2 GB of mobile data for just $5 whenever you need it, adding a little extra flexibility to the package. However, keep in mind that this mobile plan doesn’t come with 5G connectivity.

Verizon 5G Play More Unlimited Plan

Verizon’s 5G Play More Unlimited Plan is the opposite: you get 5G connectivity right off the bat. However, while this is the best coverage family plan, it is very expensive at $450 per line for the whole year. You can have up to four lines total.

Still, this could be a good choice if price is no object and you want the overall more premium mobile family plan for the winter and beyond. Each line gets 25 GB of mobile hotspot data, plus unlimited talking and texting in Canada and Mexico. Full subscriptions to streaming services like Disney+, Hulu, and more are included to sweeten the deal.

As you can see, there are several great choices for mobile plans for the family, no matter what your price limitations or personal preferences might be. Consider each of your options carefully, and remember to take advantage of these plans’ holiday shopping discounts if applicable. That way, you’ll save tons of money and benefit from a better family data plan throughout 2023!

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