5 Best People Search Sites in 2023

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Researching people online has become an important process in the world today. While some people engage in this activity with malicious intent, there are legal and moral reasons that make it important to research people online. 

One of the reasons why people research other people online is the need to verify their identity. Given the interconnectivity around the world today, we meet and engage with new people almost daily. Therefore, we need to ensure that people we intend to have a personal, romantic, or business relationship with are really who they say they are, and this is where researching people online help. 

Another reason why researching people online is important is the need to reconnect with loved ones. For some reason, you may have lost contact with people dear to your heart. It seems impossible to regain the lost connection without means of communicating with them. 

However, with the help of online people search, you can search about these people and know where they are and their contact information. 

Best People Search Sites Online

There are many search sites available on the internet. While these websites offer similar services, certain features distinguish them from one another. This section will review five of the best people search sites in 2023. 

The following are the best five people search sites available on the internet in 2023

Search People Free

Overview of Search People Free

Search People Free is one of the leading names for websites offering people search services online. The website offers a fast, reliable, and completely free people search service. These features make the website one of the most sought-after in online research. 

Another standout feature of Search People Free is that it allows for multiple options when it comes to online research. For example, while most people’s search sites allow you to search for people using only their names or phone number, Search People Free allows you to search for people using their names, phone numbers, email addresses, or physical addresses. Thus, there are four options available when you use Search People Free for researching people.   Try here to see what you can find from SearchPeopleFree

Pros of Search People Free

  • It is free
  • It is reliable as its results are sourced from verifiable data sources
  • It allows for four search options: name lookup, phone number lookup, address lookup, and email lookup.

Cons of Search People Free

  • People may use the results from the website for malicious activities such as stalking.


Overview of TruthFinder

TruthFinder is another popular name when it comes to people’s search sites in 2023. The website is popular for helping you sieve through heaps of information and presenting accurate and detailed results anytime you search for people. The results derived from Truthfinder are 100% accurate as they are obtained from government and other verifiable databases. 

The most impressive feature of Truthfinder is the ease of using the website. Many users have mentioned how easy it is to use Truthfinder, as you see a big search box once you log on to the website. Therefore, you need no technical knowledge to use Truthfinder to research people. 

Pros of Truthfinder

  • It provides correct and accurate information about people
  • Without compromising on accuracy, it provides detailed reports. 
  • The website is very easy to use

Cons of Truthfinder

  • It is not free to use Truthfinder


Overview of People Finders

This is one of the few people search sites that allow you to research people using four search options, including name, phone number, email address, and physical address. This feature automatically makes PeopleFinders one of the best people search sites around. 

Apart from its multiple search options, PeopleFinders also offers a reverse phone lookup feature. This feature allows you to discover information about a caller when an unknown number calls you. In addition, the feature allows PeopleFinders to delve into government records to discover the owner of the unknown number. There is also the free email lookup feature that allows you to discover information about a person that sends you an email. 

Finally, the most important feature of a people search site is its ability to deliver accurate and reliable information. This is a feature that PeopleFinders possess and one that makes it a leading name among other people’s search sites.

Pros of PeopleFinders

  • It offers an impressive reverse lookup feature
  • Its search results are reliable and accurate
  • It is free to use
  • The website is easy to use

Cons of PeopleFinders

  • Despite being free, you will need to pay to carry out multiple background checks and other advanced services offered by PeopleFinders.

Instant Checkmate

Overview of Instant Checkmate

If you are researching a person and hoping to find their criminal record, you are better off using Instant Checkmate. While the website is a people search site, it is more focused on criminal records and offense databases. Therefore, if you are looking to get the criminal records of the person you are searching for, Instant Checkmate is your go-to option. 

The website sources its data from government and law enforcement databases. As a result, other information you can get from the website includes ethnicity, contact information, family members, criminal records, and political affiliations. It goes without saying that the type of information you get on Instant Checkmate is premium and accurate. 

However, it is important to mention that Instant Checkmate is not free to use. It requires some form of subscription, which could either be monthly or every three months. 

Pros of Instant Checkmate

  • Its results are accurate.
  • Best suited for investigating criminal past and records
  • Uses government and law enforcement databases

Cons of Instant Checkmate

  • It is not free


Overview of Pipl

Pipl is another excellent people search site. It specializes in identity search as it uses an identity resolution engine technology. The website also has an identity database that has 3 billion identities. Therefore, Pipl is your best bet at getting an accurate answer in an identity search. 

Therefore, if you are looking to enter a corporate or business partnership with a person and you want to confirm that they are not a fraud, Pipl can help you make the confirmation. The website can also provide you with the details of a scammer if an unscrupulous individual has scammed you. 

However, apart from its identity search, Pipl also allows you to carry out other types of searches. These search options include name search, address search, and email search. Also, the website provides very accurate search results. 

Pros of Pipl

  • It is one of the few identity search sites available on the website
  • It provides reliable and accurate information
  • Offers numerous search options

Cons of Pipl

  • It is not free
  • The website is not free to use


There you have it; the best five people search sites available on the internet. While all these five websites have impressive features and abilities, Search People Free remains the best. It combines all the beneficial features that you get individually from the other four, making it the best of the five people search sites. 

Therefore, if you are looking to get the best people to search services on the internet, you are better off using Search People Free. 

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