5 Different Apps for Healthy Eaters That You Must Have

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Many people assume that healthy eating apps are only the ones that include calorie trackers. However, the truth is, this is just one of the many ways that a person’s smartphone or connected device can help them eat well. It is possible to use the apps to find healthy meal options when someone is out and about or find restaurants that serve healthy food or that caters to certain allergies or intolerances a person has. There are some apps that even provide users with access to a nutrition expert who creates a personalized diet plan and offers you ongoing advice.

It is possible to find options available at i49 and with the list found below. Knowing the options out there is the best way to find one that will fit the needs of a user.

MyFitnessPal Calorie Counter and Diet Tracker

There is an array of calorie-tracking apps available, but MyFitnessPal is popular for a reason. The database is huge. In includes more than five million foods, which makes it possible to log almost any food a person eats. It is quick to use and remembers a person’s favourite foods. This app offers users a free and pro version. There more app which is used to help different components of the human body like we know Psychologists. Nowadays mental health is very important.


Even if someone has no dietary restrictions at all, it will take some planning to ensure they get all the nutrients required by their body. This is why it is essential to pay even closer attention if the individual opts to go vegan. VNutrition is an app that was created by The Vegan Society to help people get the nutrients from their new plant-based diet that they would have gotten from eating animal products. Also, all the information and advice in this app are from a registered dietician so it is very trustworthy.


It is not always easy or possible to find healthy meals when someone is out and about. If they have specific dietary requirements, it is even more challenging to find locations that cater to a person’s needs. With the Nutrifix app, it is possible to find locations that meet the needs of any diner. To use the app, users build a profile and outline their nutritional needs, then they can find eateries in the locale that fit the bill.


This app is the ideal option for anyone who has limited spare time and a small budget. It also works for those with minimal cooking skills. However, this app offers users the ability to find quality food options for affordable prices that are easy to cook or prepare.


This app offers an easy to use and understand a traffic light system that helps a user track what they are eating. Support is offered by other “Noomers” who are also on a specific dietary quest. There are several versions, including a free option that lets users determine if this is the health app that is right for their particular needs.

For health apps, several factors must be considered. Finding the right one requires a person to consider their specific eating habits and what they want to achieve. Take some time to consider the various options here to reap all the benefits offered by the top health apps today. Remember, it may take some trial and error along the way, too, to find the right option.

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