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5 Features That A Website Can’t Do Without!

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The visual cues and elements on your site aren’t working as well as you thought? 

Well, you may have to do some fixing. All websites aim for simplicity, clarity, and the best user experience. But it’s a long virtual road to get there. Owning a virtual business out of Maryland certainly calls for its own set of challenges than owning a brick-and-mortar store. 

Since the web is different from the physical world, we need to adapt to our customers’ browsing preferences and behaviour. Let’s take a look at some of the features that can help you do so:

#1 Impressive And Good Quality Content

Ever landed upon a website where the content was just not creative enough to hold your attention? We’ve all been there. Not only do we want information every day, but we also want it when we want it. 

Whatever the purpose of the content is – it must fulfill it in the best and most innovative way possible. Exaggeration and complex content will not be helpful in the long run. Make sure that your pay per click is not disruptive to your web design. Relevant content along with high-quality images, gifs, videos, and testimonials should do the trick!

#2 Navigation Made Easy 

I think I would be talking for most online surfers when I say that we don’t even fully read everything we see. Sometimes, it is all about bullets and headings. But don’t take the readers for granted. Their scanning leaves you with little room to make an error because they’re so good at it! 

The search option is a savior on most days. A user-friendly, intuitive design that allows visitors to find what they need is good for conversions. You can make the architecture of your website more interesting by adding simplistic labels and tags. If you feel like you need your customer’s attention, highlight or add a call to action. Fixed points and anchors can turn a prospect into a paying customer!

#3 Speed It Up!

So person A wants to buy a product, and she can find it on your website. But picture this – Person A has already seen 15 other websites and is running out of patience. Now would you want your website to be slow? Of course, not! 

Your website needs to do the job fast and quick! If the site takes time to load, the user may have already left. Keep the rendering time to a minimum. Just like in a physical store, you don’t want to keep your customers waiting. You can do this by proper site hosting, optimizations of images, and reliable website coding. Once all the factors are controlled, your site speed will cease to be a problem!

#4 White Space Is Less Threatening Than You Think!

Isn’t it sometimes just easier to pay attention to the information when there’s some breathing space on a site? It’s what you need to do for your site as well. Visiting a page as a visitor, one usually looks for the information that is easily available and does not increase their cognitive load. 

A visual hierarchy is always beneficial for your customer while perceiving content. As a thriving business, you don’t want your site to have a complex structure of data that can only be analyzed and deciphered after intense scanning. 

Pro Tip: Always separate two design elements with white space to enhance readability.

#5 The TETO Principle Always Works

The Test Early and Test Often (TETO) principle helps scrutinize your site and provide valuable insights. It is reliable, as it highlights the issues and areas of improvement in your website’s layout. One should know why they’re testing and what stage, too. 

Even if the layout is not the best, you can analyze and fix it from a different perspective. Get some trusted pals to test your web design in Frederick. Even testing one user is better than not testing at all. You will have to test, fix, and then test again—no better way to correct major design flaws. 


A clear and consistent website structure is important to attract your user’s attention. Always have guidelines that lead your users from one page to another to keep the process fairly simple. 

A successful user interface design is no piece of cake, but your website can be up and blooming by implementing these features. I hope these tips helped you. Go on, test your website to achieve better results than before!

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