5 Most Underrated Skills That Will Take You To The Top In Wellness

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Wellness programs are all top-rated these days. From top tech companies to governments, many are investing in mental health programs to ensure the well-being of employees and citizens. France has implemented the no email rule after a stipulated time while tech companies are arming employees with skills to ensure their mental well-being. 

Yet, no matter how hard those around us can try, if we do not invest in our wellness, we are at risk of suffering from physical and mental ailments that we could easily avoid. Well-being doesn’t have to cost you a great deal of money. Often, it is the other way around, when we become ill, that we need to spend money to feel better. The following are five of the most underrated skills that can propel you to the top of your wellness game.

Learn to live simply

In a world where efficiency reigns, we have become a generation that enjoys unconsciously complicated things. Amid all of this efficiency, we have forgotten how essential simplicity is in every aspect of our lives. Admittedly, it is challenging to live a simple life when we are exposed to so much glamor daily. A simple run through our social media feeds is enough to have us longing for a vacation, a new piece of clothing, a new body, and whatever else catches our eye.

All of this longing tells us that we are missing something that will make us happy. Yet living simply reminds us that the things we take for granted are those that will bring fulfillment to our lives. It is a fundamental skill to wake up every morning to the same people, routine, path to work, workload, and evening routine and be able to find beauty in the ordinariness of your life. A simple way to improve your skill is to notice one new thing about your regular day and appreciate it.

Take advantage of natural remedies

Modern medicine is an incredible medium that saves thousands of lives every day. However, modern medicine does not need to fix all your physical and mental issues. With all of this modernization, we have forgotten the power of natural remedies, and most of us spend our lives missing out on their benefits.

Understanding the power of natural remedies takes real skill, and often, visiting an expert is your best bet to taking full advantage of them. Professionals such as aromatherapy and Ayurvedic professionals can guide you through any physical and mental issues you may have, ranging from digestive issues to anxiety. The list of natural remedies is astounding. There is a natural remedy for all ailments, from peppermint tea leaves to treat energy levels to CBD infused gummies to lower anxiety symptoms. It takes a little patience, guidance, and research to take the natural route.

Listen to your body

You might have a good ear for music, marketing slogans, or for those around you, but most of us are incapable of listening to our bodies. We live in an age where pausing our life feels like a sin. We push through a migraine because we have deadlines, and when we are tired, we take a dose of caffeine to keep going. We have forgotten that when we experience a physical or mental ailment, it is our body’s way of telling us something.

Listening to your body is a skill that you must work on, just as any other habit. You can get better at this by being more aware of what your body is doing. Can you experience tension in any part of your body? Rather than ignoring it, breathe through this tension to release it from your body.

Cultivate real connections

Technology has facilitated the way we communicate. Although we can get our message across faster, it does not mean we connect with the person on the other end of the screen. Quick messages and phone calls are helpful but do not forget to cultivate authentic connections. Practicing deep connections takes presence and time away from your phone. It is about choosing awareness and listening to the person in front of you with real presence.

Master the art of stillness

Finally, if you hope to get better at doing the former four skills, work on mastering the art of being still. It takes significant effort to be still for most of the day. Often, if not all the time, we are pulled away by our thoughts and emotions in a million directions. 


Yet, being still is how we can be present at the moment without giving in to our anxious thoughts about past trauma or future scenarios. The practice of meditation is one way you can get better at being still. Being aware of your breathing throughout the day, no matter your situation, is how you can live in a constant meditative state and take your wellness game to another level.

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