5 Tips on Improving Your Shopify Store’s Conversion Rate

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To improve the conversion rate of your Shopify store, it’s best to start with a benchmarking analysis. Before starting changes and restructuring on the resource, clarify the following points:

·         main indicators of a category or industry;

·         how you can compare your own performance.

After getting the insight, you can check out the Shopify dashboard to get an idea of ​​site conversion with the following metrics:

·         adding to cart;

·         reached the cashier;

·         purchased.

When you figure out the conversion rate, its location, then you can set specific goals. There are several ways to increase your Shopify ratio. We offer some effective tips for Shopify store optimization.

If you’ve used a Shopping cart and want to switch to Shopify, you can do a data migration to move your store to another CMS with ease such as Squarespace to Shopify, Wix to Shopify and much more.

1. Improve your download speed through your mobile device

When it comes to ratio optimization, page load speed is a significant issue. At the moment, gadget performance is the main factor. Many studies prove that smartphone owners expect pages to load in a matter of seconds. If the loading time is delayed, it negatively affects sales.

To increase your speed, you need to do the following:

• file sizes need to be compressed and reduced;

• apply a content delivery network;

• improve the HTML, JavaScript and CSS of the site

2. Don’t skimp on investment in visual content

Shopify Plus provides the ability to showcase image quality as part of your shopping experience. This is due to a lot of brand research. The results showed that high-resolution images promote consumer confidence and have a beneficial effect on conversion rates. Vivid images attract attention, allowing for greater detail.

3. Show social proof

Product reviews, including negative ones, are a prerequisite for the successful operation of modern online stores. Research shows that the conversion rate has more than doubled for those sellers who perform well. The most expensive goods were the most profitable. Shopify integration lets you take advantage of easy-to-install review collection apps.

If a brand or product has been featured in the media, tell users about it. You can use media publications to create long-term value, increase conversions, improve customer loyalty, and positively influence brand awareness.

4. Create the most convenient form for checkout

Buyers prefer sites with high loading speed, so they want to speed up the checkout process. They expect the process to take a few clicks, especially through gadgets. Place some test orders to see how everything works. Pay attention to the following metrics:

• the presence of unnecessary form fields;

• distractions;

• the strength of the CTA text.

Shopify Pay will eliminate the need for customers to save information about themselves, delivery, and allow them to place an order with one touch or click. For expensive goods, you can offer to buy now, and pay later through financial offers. To set up the last step, you can set up HTML on the Shopify Plus platform.

5. Offer customers discounts and special offers, automate the process

This is an effective way to use Shopify scripts to improve your conversion rates. You can automate promotions by creating scripts to automatically calculate and apply real-time discounts when a customer wants to place an order. This can be done instead of discount codes, some customers may find it difficult to enter them manually.

A special offer or promotional code is placed in a pop-up form, can be used for many stores, but not all brands. Pop-up conversion rates are slightly over 3%. But with the right work, you can increase it up to 10%.

To improve conversions, you can run sales, free deliveries, gifts, discounts for the first customer, rewards for customer loyalty, and many other ideas.

If you have any questions, please contact MakeBeCool, and our specialists will be happy to help you.

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