5 Tips to Consider before Giving Corporate Gifts

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Corporate gifting is a serious business, and this act of exchanging greetings via gifts can help you get some good business in future. You might have received some freebies, “swag bags”, or personalized stationery, etc. in one or the other corporate conference (or seminar). To be true, some of these gifts are useful, others are okay-okay, and some are (sorry to admit) useless.

Now, if you are the one who is planning to give away some gifts as PR or during a conference in your office, then you need to follow certain rules. Why? Simply because you want your brand to grow, and that can happen if you take a keen interest in what to give your colleagues and clients as a token of appreciation. Choosing a gift that makes you stand above the rest can be easy. How? Well, below are five tips that will help you pick the best corporate gift items. Come, have a look-

  1. Share your work Culture- Ok, let’s get it straight! Why should one invest their time and money in your company? What is that ‘X’ factor that makes you the best in business? Answer: the people who work in your company and how they are treated. So, with the help of your gift, share a quote or work-culture that you think describes your company the best. Pick slogans or copies that sums up your company’s working style in two-three words and get that slogan printed on your gifts.
  2. Be Inclusive- Well, by that we mean, keep your gifts selection open and considerate for all those who will be receiving your gifts. Reason? Well, we explain this with an example. Suppose you are sending a graphic t-shirt with a quote that defines your company. But then not everyone has a good liking for t-shirts. So go for more considerable gifts- like a gift card or maybe a laptop sleeve.
  3. Packaging Matters- So what if you are into corporate gifting, don’t you appreciate a nicely packed gift when received in PR? Yes, you do! Right? So, this time while you pack the gift make it more appealing with a pretty box, some tissue paper confetti, and a hand-written note. Make your corporate gift packing something more fun. It should be such that the receiver should open it with a lot of interest and appreciate how much hard work is done, just for wrapping a gift.
  4. Support Local Businesses- Picking gifts from renowned brands is a cliche, now is time to support local businesses. We guess nobody would deny the fact that home-grown brands make some very unique and beautiful gift baskets. Put a little more thought into your gifts and go for products like handmade diaries, hand-carved wooden pen stands, handmade low-calorie snacks, etc. Such gifts can be cool for your clients or partners who are residing far away.
  5. Choose the Best Quality- To be true, none of us likes a gift that looks good but is of low quality. Agree? Well, corporate gifting in particular defines how important the receiver of that gift is, for you and your business. And you do not want your business relationships to get affected by a bad quality gift. Right? So, never compromise on the quality of your corporate gifts.

Now, summing up this post, we would like to give you one piece of advice that you don’t need to follow all these things while choosing a perfect gift for your clients and business partners. But yes, you can surely make the right choice keeping some of these tips in mind. Happy gifting!

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