5 Ways to Design an eCommerce Website in 2022

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So you’re about to launch a new e-commerce website – you’ve done your research, gotten your products, set affordable prices and now it looks like it’ll take a force of nature to stop you or put a wrench in your plans.

Wait, wait a minute. Aren’t you forgetting something?

Before setting up and launching an E-commerce website, you need more than killer products, affordable prices and coupons. In a world where almost everyone is trying to sell a product and establish a solid customer base, everything counts – but what counts more is marketing.

Your e-commerce website must personify everything you wish to portray: trust, credibility, class and persuasiveness. So how do you do that? How do you conceptualize all these things? Well, all these and more can be effectively portrayed through a custom ecommerce web design.

E-commerce Website Design

First of all what is an E-commerce website? Well, you must have heard of Shopify, eBay and Amazon – those are e-commerce websites. Simply put, an E-commerce website is basically like an online mall or store where you can buy or sell stuff.

However, as earlier said, having a website and affordable products is not enough to guarantee sales and profitability. You also need to scale up your business by investing in custom ecommerce web design. E-commerce website design incorporates widgets, functions, graphics, etc., that make your website unique and inspire a visitor to make a purchase. The goal of a good e-commerce website design is to make a good impression on the customer and also facilitate purchase. A bad ecommerce website design will not only make you lose customers, you’ll also get bad reviews and lose visibility.

5 Ways to Design an eCommerce Website in 2021

So in order for you not to lose customers and to attain profitability, how do you design your e-commerce website in 2021? Here are five tips to designing an ecommerce website:

1. An e-commerce website must be built to enhance user experience

The main purpose of setting up an ecommerce website is to facilitate sales. You want to sell your products, so your website must be designed to make purchase seamless and convenient. To reach a new level of user engagement you must make sure your site is mobile-friendly, simple and classy to operate.

2. Make branding a priority

If you sell branded items, make sure that the brand names are apparent in your website. This might not seem like a strategy but this is 2021, brands are a big thing. Also, displaying brand names or logos of products you sell will give you credibility and trust with your customers. However, you must be careful not to shove the brands in people’s faces like a two cents jean.

Another aspect of branding is business promotion. Customers always want proof of your credibility, so your website design should also include customer reviews and ratings on products and other services. A good e-commerce website also has an “About Us” section which lets the customers know more about your business, the service you provide, your team and your aims and objectives.

3. Have a compelling homepage design

One thing an E-commerce website must not lack is a compelling homepage design. The homepage is the first thing a potential customer sees, and it gives the customers an initial impression of the entire site. An E-commerce homepage must be designed to make customers browse through your product catalogue. A bad E-commerce homepage will force customers to leave your site and look for alternatives.

4. You can’t design an ecommerce website without a call to action

As already mentioned, the goal of an ecommerce website is to facilitate sales. So a web designer must bring all their talent to achieve that aim – in doing so, all designs must be geared towards making website visitors browse the catalogue, purchase products and leave good reviews. And nothing can do that more than a great call to action button.

5. Product page design

This is also very important. The product page should be designed like a shopping mall or a wardrobe – the reason for this is to bridge the disconnect between online shopping and physical shopping. Also you have to use high quality images to display products on your catalogue – nobody will buy a product that looks ordinary. No, your product should glow. It is advisable to either take a real image or create a custom image using a 3D configurator which gives customers a real feel of the product from every angle on the website.

In addition to this, the product description should be SEO optimised, this gives it maximum visibility and helps draw customers to your website.

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