6 Ways Hotels Benefit from IPTV Solutions

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The hotel industry is fiercely competitive, and every hotelier is looking for various ways to improve their guest experience and satisfaction. Most are implementing digital technologies such as hotel apps and IoT to increase in-room control and make guests feel comfortable and in control of their environment. 

However, entertainment remains one of the best ways to increase customer satisfaction, especially in hotel rooms. As a hotelier, you also want to keep your guests informed about your services, amenities and most current offers. IPTV hotel solutions check all the boxes and even have additional benefits for hotels and their guests. Continue reading to find out the six ways hotels benefit from IPTV solutions.

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Improve customer satisfaction by delivering on-demand entertainment

In-room entertainment is crucial when it comes to guest experiences and satisfaction. And we all know a happy customer means a good review and more potential guests. That’s where IPTV for hotels comes in.

Internet-Protocol Television (IPTV) allows hoteliers to deliver the best entertainment options to their guests. While in their rooms, guests can choose from a wide range of media and play their favorite TV shows and movies. They no longer have to put up with scheduled TV programs or reschedule activities. 

Keep guests informed

About your services

Another benefit IPTV presents for hoteliers is an opportunity to showcase amenities, facilities and services to their guests. Too often, guests don’t know there is a SPA service, a swimming pool or even an escape room inside the property. IPTV is the best way to inform your customers about all services available by displaying the information on the screensaver or when the TV’s turned on.

About useful updates

You can use IPTV not only to upsell hotel services but also to showcase helpful information that all guests should know about. Such data can be related to improving your guests’ stay, such as must-see sights and tourist attractions nearby or health and safety regulations and best practices. You can also share updates on your newest location or provide answers to frequently asked questions.

Promote your partners or other properties

Do you partner with a specific taxi company in the city? Or a tour agency for daily tours? Maybe you own the restaurant down the street? You can promote all related services that might enhance your guests’ experience and facilitate their stay. Simultaneously, you can increase your partner’s revenue with IPTV promotion and by encouraging customers to use a trusted brand’s services.

Simple and compact

IPTV is a small and compact piece of hardware technology that requires very little space in the hotel room compared to other solutions. It’s simple to use and doesn’t require lots of electric power, thus reducing your energy consumption and monthly costs. 

Given the simple technology, hoteliers benefit from undemanding management, maintenance and monitoring processes. Adding channels or tracking problems are not complicated tasks and do not require a dedicated technical team. An additional benefit is that remote access and control are also possible.

Stay ahead of any technical issues.

IPTV devices are easy to use, but that doesn’t mean they don’t involve innovative technology solutions. With such a device, you can avoid any technical issues and minimize the risk of unhappy customers who don’t have access to the TV. The technology has built-in diagnostics and alarms which send a signal when there’s hardware or network failure or some other kind of technical problem.

Offer additional services

IPTV allows hoteliers to offer their guests additional services to improve personalization and comfort. Such services might include voice control, subtitle selection, electronic program guides, exceptional quality, streaming, etc.

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