7 Best Ways to Show Care to Older People

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One inevitable concept around the globe is the prospect of growing old. According to a study conducted globally in 2021, about 10% of the population is over 65 years old. Virtually all older folks today require adequate care to improve their overall health. Most times, caring for older folks can become highly demanding and inconvenient. Still, you should note that taking care of the elderly requires patience, love, and an excellent level of understanding.

For the elderly to maintain good health, require way more than appropriate medication and treatment. The following are the seven best ways to care for the elderly:

1. Make a habit of Visiting them Often

One of the essential factors that improve the health of individuals overall is social interaction. Visiting the elderly often reassures them that they are loved and cared for. During your visit, check the houses for underlying issues that require attention like broken appliances, defective furniture, etc. You can also check on their food supply, mails, and laundry.

It is also essential to check up on their medications. Whenever they receive a new prescription from their doctors or pharmacists, ask the doctors for possible side effects to be prepared for.

Additionally, adult pull-ups are necessary for elderlies with various medical conditions like incontinence, dementia, mobility impairment, etc. Adult pull-ups like disposable bed pads are a fantastic choice. Ensure that you stock up on all the essential items when you visit them. 

2. Employ Caregivers to Take Care of Chores

If your loved one is past the age of undertaking chores on their own or can’t go due to medical conditions, hiring a helper or an aide is necessary. Employ helpers who are compassionate and are willing to attend to even the most minute of needs. A caregiver isn’t just for tackling chores; some caregivers are just tasked with regular home visits, while some are e-health appointments. 

Finding a helper isn’t always easy, especially for individuals with trust issues. If you are concerned about the credibility of caregivers, visit a licensed agency or employ someone you know and trust.

3. Provide them with Latest Technologies

One of the best ways of caring for the elderly is by providing them with the latest assistive technologies. There has been a boom in virtual reality products and apps throughout the pandemic. Caring for older folks has never been easier as a result of the advancements in technology. Install mobile apps like Zoom, Facetime, and other virtual-related apps. 

Smartwatches are also found to be helpful when caring for the elderly. One of the most popular of these products is the Apple smartwatch. The watch is loaded with the latest technologies like location tracking, medical alerts, etc. Providing the elderly with such products helps to improve their overall well-being. 

4. Install Modifications to their Houses

As a result of the advent of technology, it is necessary to constantly scout their homes to understand what may pose safety hazards. Some of these hazards require a simple tweak, while others require modifications or replacements. Here are some of the most efficient changes you can install on their homes includes:

  • Installing an adjustable toilet
  • For elderly folks who love to move around, install walkers to aid locomotion
  • Adjusting the lighting of their homes
  • Provide nightlights that are auto-sensitive to brightness for them to see at night 
  • Providing handrails or other grabbing utilities in the shower

5. Help them Exercise

One of the best ways to stay healthy is by exercising. The elderly must indulge in regular exercise because exercising helps them relieve their stressed bones and nerves. Of course, don’t expect an older person to engage in the same activity level as a young person, but the elderly must engage in exercises regularly. 

To make sure they exercise, join them during their exercise sessions. There are wide varieties of exercises that older people can participate in. They include: Resistance band workouts (e.g., leg press, lateral raise, bicep curl, etc.), pilates (e.g., side circles, foot slides, leg circles, step-ups), bodyweight workouts, and one of the easiest – walking. 

Exercising is good, but a few redlines are involved with elderly exercising. A large number of the most popular workouts do not apply to elderlies. For folks over the age of 65, they should avoid the following exercises: long-distance running, deadlift, bench press, abdominal crunches, power clean, etc.

6. Keep them Actively Involved in Social Activities

One of the most influential factors that cause depression is isolation. It is not unusual for elderlies who have lost their spouse to resort to self-isolation. However, the elderly need to be actively involved in social activities.

Encourage them to venture into events and social gatherings like charity events. One of the most efficient ways of caring for older people is by surrounding them with their family and friends and encouraging them to make new friends.

7. Communicate Regularly

Most elderlies find it challenging to discuss delicate issues like finance with their loved ones. Don’t be afraid to initiate a challenging conversation with your elderly loved ones. Try as much as possible to be open to conversations about finance, end-of-life care, etc. 


There is no 100% proven method when it comes to elderly care. The most important thing is that you try as much as possible to satisfy your older folk’s needs very soon; it might be you in their shoes.

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