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A Guide on Offshore Software Development!

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There is no surprise that outsourcing has grown as one of the standard aspects for accomplishing essential objectives expeditiously and cost-effectively. 

Outsourcing has torn down the geographical barriers, any business can get the best strategic and technology partner for its goals and create competitive advantages with that technical expertise.

As all of us know how important technology has become for every business these days, it’s no wonder that offshore software development has seized the limelight as one of the most successful forms of software outsourcing.

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This software solution has been especially famous among companies from the USA, Canada, and various Eastern European countries. And the reason is— offshore development companies give them access to high-quality products and services at a lower cost compared to their own country.

Hence, countries such as Latin America, China, India, etc. often catch the eye in the global outsourcing market because of their rapidly growing talented specialists, deep expertise, and IT infrastructure.

However, outsourcing hasn’t always been a smooth ride for everyone; it is a roller coaster that will give joy to someone at the same time it can be painful for someone. 

Before diving into the industry, I’m certain you might have come across some awful stories regarding offshore software development companies.

A lot of people have a bad experience that resulted in the poor reputation of outsourcing companies and the reason is fraud and fake companies that get the money without providing what they promised.

That resulted in people drifting away from offshoring or other outsourcing approaches, that’s why we’re here with a new, simple approach to software outsourcing. 

With this guide, you will comprehend the complete process of offshore software development and determine how to apply best practices to drain out frauds, overcome potential risks and finally get the best out of it.

What’s the Difference Between Offshore, Nearshore, And Onshore?

Before we explore offshoring outsourcing, let’s have a brief understanding of these three forms of outsourcing.  

Offshore Development: Offshore software development implies that you operate with a team far off from your country. They are normally various time zones away from you.

Nearshore software outsourcing: Nearshore software outsourcing is considered the same as offshore software development. The main exception is closeness. A nearshore software development company is generally in the corresponding time zone or near your country.

Onshore software outsourcing: Onshore software outsourcing proposes you operate with a software company that works in your country.

What is Offshore Software Development?

Offshore software development is precisely what it seems: it is software development services rendered by an offshore team. In many states, recruiting an offshore team is known as “outsourcing,” as outsourcing is when an in-house team hires an abroad team to give a service or a product that is quite difficult for them. 

We all know that two offshore teams can’t be the same in many aspects. As with most items, these teams can proceed in a type of packages. 

Software solutions can change and can be given in a wide spectrum; these could involve web development, web and mobile app development, and various other related services. There are a lot of offshore software development services-related things.

Your associate company is far away from your land and presumably has a diverse business culture, which is normally the foremost reason for distress and yearned expectations. One of the main causes to outsource software development to an offshore partner is to use cost and other advantages.

Let’s see various benefits of offshore software development.

Benefits of Offshore Software Development!

As expected, approaching offshore software development companies isn’t a small movement. It’s an important imperative move, which indicates that the benefits must be substantial for the business. So, these are the benefits of offshore software development.

  • Access to Talent Pool: The main reason to hire experts from other countries is that the developers are valuable and their skills are especially in demand. And to get the best dedicated team you can approach offshore development companies. 
  • Lower Costs of Development: There are a lot of things that are said and prepared regarding “lower” costs when considering the benefits and downside of offshore software development. And there is no doubt that offshoring is one of the boons for your budget. 
  • The Opportunity to Scale Quickly: Deciding on a new, experienced, valuable offshore team is an expenditure that performs a vital financial venture. If the in-house team chooses to depart early, you could be overburdened with business, the essence of the software you develop falls, and before you comprehend it, your clients are running elsewhere. At that time your rescuer becomes an offshore development company with an excellent offshore team. 
  • The Ability to Concentrate on Core Business: With offshoring, the management, payroll, recruitment, service, security, and other aspects are all taken care of by the offshore partner. The main part of a top offshore software development company is to check the importance of scaling your team.

How to Choose an Offshore Software Development Company?

Finding the top offshore software development company can be difficult, particularly considering how many you can find in the market all around the world. That’s why you need to follow these key factors to determine the best software company.

  • Define Business Needs

When you look for an outsourcing partner, start with preparing a document that plans your project. And mention these below details in that document.

  • Your purposes
  • Metrics you’ll practice to scale performance
  • Possible setbacks
  • Anything else linked to the project

You can then utilize your project plan to see for software engineering offshoring companies that can give everything you require within a suitable time frame such as the best offshore team, excellent project management plan, and accurate business analysis of your company.

  • Budget Decision

Your budget will rely on the offshoring area. Though, you can still obtain different prices for many companies from the same region. 

For instance, even though the common offshore software development team prices in Asia are about $30 per person per hour, the best offshoring development companies can simply price twice that amount. 

Also, any offshore development team could be casting down on training, technology, and the property of their work conditions to deliver lower rates. This can eventually influence their team and the company’s output. 

  • Development Methodology

There are different technologies and methods open for software development. Therefore, it would be great to study these technologies and methods, whether it’s Windows and UNIX or Waterfall and Agile. By understanding the background on these, you can choose which is best for your software.

With this data, you can verify if your potential offshore developers have expertise when it gets to the programming language and software specifics.

  • Fluent Communication and Workflow

Fluent communication and workflow are essential steps to offshoring. Your Software Outsourcing partner needs to be fluent in English or the language of your preference. Moreover, their work method should meet your workflow during the development cycle.

  • Security Policy of Selected Company

Base vulnerabilities, phishing strikes, data eradication, and high pressures on IT practices are cybersecurity dangers that we encounter now.

To alleviate them, you require to associate with an offshore software development company with an installed security policy. You should be sure that the offshore outsourcing software development company serves similar methods and policies to match your cybersecurity requirements. For example:

  • The company complies with worldwide security measures like ISO 27001:2013, PCI DSS, ISO 9001:2015, HIPAA. These agreements guarantee the protection and safety of your private information
  • The offshore software development company offers repeated internal and external inspections of its agreement with the agreed standards and policies
  • The company has a strict identification security system where they ask for solid passwords, regularly password resetting

You understand there is no doubt that the software development process requires complicated steps and software development tasks. Moreover, we would love to discuss some trends occurring in the development space offering towards digital transformation.

  • Blockchain Technology

In 2017, blockchain technology connected the digital world’s way. In healthcare systems, the telecommunications area, media organizations, and others, this trend has expanded influence. 

To develop their business standards, most companies are excited to invest in blockchain technology. The IT enterprise is also leveraging the power of this technology. 

The benefits of blockchain technology involve reduced prices and complexity, enhanced flexibility, fast digital performance speed, and the prospect of data replication is decreased.

  • AR and VR

The business of virtual and augmented reality services has expanded its venture, with augmented reality’s income expected to rise from $3.33 billion in 2015 to around $133.78 billion in 2021, a huge 85.2 percent CAGR. 

Virtual reality’s return is on a similar if more passive, pace—it’s assumed to seize $44.7 billion by 2024, a CAGR of 33.47 percent through the forecast period.

The outsourcing company will be assumed to render services in these fields such as 3D object apprehension, anticipated tracking, advanced gesture recognition, and more tangible controls.

  • Cloud Technology

Cloud computing is another fascinating technology that allows scalability and compliance and performs an important role in offshore custom software development. 

Also, IT Companies are recognizing the benefits and opportunities of cloud computing and how it can be used for development plans. cloud-based apps and cloud support are here to discuss the increasing requirements of businesses.


Associating with an offshore software development company will deliver several benefits to your startup. But, there are several factors that you need to consider while deciding which partner will meet your requirements and necessities.

With these points, you can have more knowledge regarding your potential partners. Hence, use this data to list your options. Pick the best to develop your software development project as excellently as possible.

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