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A Guide to the Best Hashtag Marketing Tips

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In the current era of digital marketing and social media, hashtags are a key element for boosting up any strategy. The use of hashtag marketing is one of the quickest ways to reach the maximum audience in little time. Never miss the opportunity to add a #hashtag in your posts on any platform and connect with your users quickly.

Nowadays, the use of hashtags is popular for almost every type of promotion on the internet. Either, you are looking for advertising best discount codes on media channels, or your goal is to influence any particular niche like travel, food, and fashion on social media; you can use a #hashtag.

What Do You Mean By Hashtags?

You may know #hashtag as a word with a preceding hash (#) on almost every social media platform. It is a mandatory tool for digital marketing in the eCommerce industry. Introduced by Twitter, a #hashtag is now part of platforms like Google Plus, Instagram, LinkedIn, Facebook, and Pinterest too.

Here is a list of the different ways you can adopt hashtag marketing for your business. 

How to Use Hashtag Marketing?

Using a hashtag sounds easier by just adding a hash behind any word you find popular. However, it is not so. Using the method of hashtag marketing requires keen observation and proper selection of keywords.

  • Avoid using every other word as a #hashtag. Majorly, hashtags depend on the niche of your business still; you can select a maximum of two hashtags for your promotion.
  • Limit the number of words in your #hashtag. Make it approachable and easy to remember for your audience.
  • In the urge of being unique, do not select an unknown keyword as a #hashtag that no one is searching. It will not benefit your business in any way. Hashtags must be popular and common words.
  • Use related and detailed keywords as hashtags. Long-tail keywords make the best of hashtag marketing. Avoid using broad terms for this advertisement method as your content will not highlight by broader hashtags.
  • Forcing a #hashtag in every post will decrease the value of your hashtags. Only place them in your posts when they can add value. Learn the right way to use them and promote your business and boost up interaction.
  • Hashtags are another way of analyzing what your competitors are doing for brand awareness. You can always use appropriate hashtags to find relatable and popular content related to the niche of your site.

Popular Types of Hashtags

Learn about the popular types of hashtags and plan your next step. Every type has its own importance. 

Brand Hashtags

A branded #hashtag is the most popular step in hashtag marketing. It is the step where you turn the name of your brand into a hashtag. In case you do not find it suitable or unique, look for relatable keywords that you can add with the name of your brand.

Community Hashtags

After you have a popular branded #hashtag, you can switch to community ones. These will quickly form a community of your users and help you in communicating with them. It includes your brand name along with the service or products you basically focus on. For example, use #BrandNameAtHome and #BrandNameForYou.

Campaign Hashtags

Using a campaign #hashtag is beneficial in plenty of ways. Most often, advertisers use them for promoting a cause, a contest, or a campaign. It is not mandatory to have your brand name in this type of hashtag marketing. You must be able to promote the message you are conveying or the cause you are fighting for.

Occasion Hashtags

An occasional #hashtag has versions that increase your popularity among users. You can use it annually, monthly, weekly, or as per the duration of an upcoming event. These help in the promotion of your products during international and national events. Also, these help in connecting you with a larger audience.

Emergency Hashtags

The use of emergency #hashtag is beneficial and essential for every business. It is one of the best ways you can aware people of an emergency situation. As per the current situation of the world, #CoronavirusPandemic and #COVID19 are the most popular emergency hashtags. 

Hashtag Marketing for Your Business

Using hashtag marketing for your business will always be helpful and effective. There are more types of hashtags you can use. However, these are the most popular ones that boost up your marketing technique in the current era!

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