Anxiety Marked as Unhealthy for the Environment

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What is Anxiety?

Anxiety is a feeling which is common to every individual being present around us. It has different types, some people are anxious when they are excited about something. Some people might feel anxious when they really want to have something but they are not able to get hold of it. Normally anxiety is caused by stress, fear or uneasiness for something. This particular type of anxiety can be for the exams or due to being eager for someone or something as well. 

This type of anxiety is not healthy for any individual as it can lead to harm which can be emotional, mental or in worst cases it can affect a person physically as well. A person who suffers from anxiety can be a danger to others around him as well. This anxiety can be triggered by some kind of loss which may affect a person really bad, it can be work-related stress as well or nowadays one of the worst worries is managing finances. Every other person is fighting to fulfil his or his family’s needs and when it gets difficult to be managed, the anxiety turns into a disorder. As a result, these things affect the persons’ emotional, mental as well as physical health.  There are so many disorders which are caused due to anxiety.

Symptoms of Anxiety

Symptoms which show that a person is suffering from anxiety include an unhappy person who is irritable most of the time. Such a person is the one who cannot concentrate on one thing but finds it difficult to focus on a particular task. He gets upset about little things and due to this his daily routine and life seem to be affected negatively. When a particular person suffering from anxiety gets an attack, he feels difficulty in breathing.  The feelings include as if the person is going crazy or is losing his / her mind. He might also feel like his heartbeat is faster and might start choking as well. 

Such a person feels agitated most of the time and does not feel satisfied with anything. He is always tired and worries all the time about little things. Even if a task is really simple, the person suffering from anxiety cannot find a solution to it and is uncomfortable about everything. He stays away from gatherings and likes to spend most of his time alone only worrying about things that might not matter to other people. This type of person is actually considered mentally sick and even other people avoid being in contact with those who are suffering from anxiety. Sometimes anxiety is genetically transferred too which can be apparent in young babies too.

Natural ways to cope with Anxiety.

There are several ways for a person suffering from anxiety to try and cure himself through natural ways. These natural ways include healthy eating habits, eating what relaxes your mind and satisfies your tummy. Avoid smoking and any sort of caffeine that triggers the hormones which affect mood and level of depression. Develop a habit of regular walk, meditation or practising yoga. These habits will refresh the mind and relax it which would benefit the person himself. He would be able to focus on important stuff which means concentration would become better. A healthy lifestyle will be adopted which will not only affect emotionally but mentally and physically as well.

What is psychotherapy?

In some cases, anxiety becomes so severe that natural ways cannot affect the person suffering. In this situation, it is better to seek medical advice and go to a therapist. BetterHelp shares interesting facts about the effectiveness of psychotherapy.  Psychotherapy is a talk session that is carried by a psychotherapist who is certified to treat patients with anxiety issues. The professional is an expert to calm patients’ nerves while talking about him. There are two types of psychotherapies which include interpersonal therapy that helps to identify issues that occur within the relationships including family, friends or maybe co-workers. Once a person identifies the issues, the therapist leads them to supportive psychotherapy that helps the person to cope with the stress and anxiety. 

Benefits of Psychotherapy

Having identified the issue which triggered or caused the anxiety, it becomes a little easier for the suffering person to cope with it. As time goes on, they start getting control of their life and routine. In short, they start coming back to life again. Such a person starts resolving his conflicts himself and becomes supportive of the people around them. They start loving life and sleep better. When they sleep better, they also start developing a healthy emotional and physically fit lifestyle.

The required type of psychotherapy is identified by the psychotherapist himself. Every individual situation of types of anxiety requires a particular type of psychotherapy. So, if you are suffering from anxiety or anybody in your surrounding is make sure to be nice to them and do not make them feel uncomfortable.

Dealing with a person who suffers anxiety

All you have to do is make the person feel secure around you. Make them feel you are listening to them and you understand what they are going through. Make them feel loved and cared for. Let them know that you care about them and that you are concerned but in a very polite manner. Ask them if they need something and do not leave them alone. If you feel that things are not going to be easily handled by you, go find a good psychotherapist, consult him or her. Share your concerns with the professional and set up an appointment for the patient.

It is essential for the therapist to know the history of the patient so make sure to inform them about anything you know about the person. Once it is settled, take the suffering person to the psychotherapist and let them observe, analyse and then decide the type of therapy that is required to treat the person. Just remember, anxiety is unhealthy for you and the people around you too. So stay healthy and develop a healthy lifestyle. Don’t be anxious but alert.

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